How to give birthday gifts to the elderly

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing emphasis on traditional customs, there are more and more longevity for the elderly. At this time, as the relatives and friends of the elderly or their family members, or colleagues, subordinates, customers, and business partners, if you send a carefully prepared piece to the elderly, you can express good wishes and respect for the elderly, and make the other person The happy birthday gift will undoubtedly enhance the emotional exchange between the two parties. So what elements should be paid attention to when choosing a birthday gift? Respect is the first to celebrate birthdays and celebrate birthdays. It is a kind of blessing for people to express good wishes to the elderly. It is also a fine custom of respecting and respecting the elderly with a long history in our country. In other words, the most genuine intention of longevity is to show respect for the elderly, so no matter which gift you choose, it can fully express your respect for the elderly. Traditional and more common birthday gifts include Shou Tao Shou Cake, Shou Niao Shou Ping, and money. Among them, birthday peaches, birthday cakes, birthday cakes, and birthday screens express the feelings of wishing those who live a long life and a happy old age. When celebrating birthdays, the most commonly used beverage is wine, because wine is 'homonymous for a long timeTherefore, if you send two bottles of good wine, it is also a good choice. In addition to the traditional, you can also prepare a personalized gift that has strong specificity and can fully express respect. For example, a tailor-made picture album for the elderly showing the main experiences and achievements of his life will surely surprise and move him, and it is also a special commemorative gift worth collecting. Jixiangxi celebrating birthday is a joyous event, especially for the parties involved. Therefore, the gift you choose should conform to this festive and auspicious atmosphere, and play an icing on the cake. In traditional birthday celebrations, people have to put the birthday cakes one by one in a red lacquer tray and pile them into a tower shape, and put some powdered auspicious figures on the top, such as the Eight Immortals, the birthday stars, and the Queen Mother. Wait, in order to create a strong auspicious and festive atmosphere, so that the whole family can celebrate the longevity with joy. The traditional birthday calligraphy is mostly made of silk, satin, silk cloth or velvet, and its shape is the size of a nave (a large calligraphy and painting hung in the center of the hall in the old days); the fabrics are mostly red, and the fonts are mostly gold. A kind of graceful and luxurious grid was created, which matched the lively and festive atmosphere of birthday celebrations. In 2009, when Wu Boxiong, then chairman of the KMT, celebrated his 70th birthday, Ma Ying-jeou prepared birthday gifts for him, namely big cakes, birthday wine, and a large red French blue porcelain vase engraved with Ma Ying-jeou’s autograph “Benevolent Life”. Simple and practical to celebrate the elderly’s birthday. Your birthday gift must be simple and practical. This simplicity and practicality is mainly reflected in the gifts that you can choose from the perspective of the elderly, which can be used for them. For example, if the recipient is older, , But the body is in good condition and likes to exercise, so if you give him some sports equipment that he likes or some body protection equipment needed during exercise, the elderly will be very happy. Because the elderly generally like to be a body in the eyes of others Healthy and youthful image. And your birthday gift not only conveys the meaning of being old and strong, but also conveys your heartfelt love for it. Such a birthday gift will surely appreciate a lot in his heart. In addition. , When choosing a birthday gift, some taboos must be avoided. For example, the birthday gift should not be given away with clocks and watches (for the end), shoes (for evil spirits), and fruits should not be given for pears (off).
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