How to do cross-border e-commerce in the post-epidemic era? Don't miss the '2020 Children's Industry Cross-border E-commerce Forum'!

by:Ennas      2022-01-24
In the context of the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020 and the obstruction of traditional export trade, cross-border e-commerce has achieved growth against the trend and is becoming a new growth point for my country's foreign trade. Various support policies for cross-border e-commerce, the establishment of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks in various regions, and the continued activity of cross-border e-commerce platforms are all actively promoting Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers to go abroad and sell products made in China. To all parts of the world. China Toys and Baby Products Association will join hands with cross-border e-commerce head platforms, cross-border industry portal media, domestic and foreign standard and regulatory agencies, and domestic high-quality toy and baby products manufacturers. The CTE Toy Fair and CKE Baby u0026 Children Fair hosted by the China Play Association, relying on the largest professional exhibition of toys and baby products in Asia, gather the advantages of national industry associations and cross-border e-commerce portal media to create 2020 The children’s industry cross-border e-commerce forum and toy, maternal and child product selection conference focused on new cross-border opportunities for normalized control of the epidemic, discussed new cross-border opportunities under the crisis, and combined with more than one hundred on-site product selection conferences. Environmental e-commerce provides new development assistance. 2020 Children’s Industry Cross-border E-commerce Forum and Toys, Maternal and Child Products Selection Conference. The size of the meeting will be 800-1,000. Participants will be sellers of cross-border e-commerce platforms in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and heads of toy and baby products manufacturers. Meeting time October 21st afternoon 13:00-16:30 October 22nd 10:00-12:00 pm 13:00-16:30 Conference Venue Shanghai New International Expo Center W4 Pavilion Conference Area Agenda Arrangement Keynote Speaker Meeting Highlights 1 Official Team Come in person to analyze the latest platform policies and aggregate the official teams of the current mainstream platforms: Amazon East China Investment Manager, LAZADA Investment Manager, AliExpress Investment Manager, Meikeduo Investment Manager, NewEgg, Meikeduo, Vova, Joom, etc. Platform representatives will make an appearance, release the most authoritative and comprehensive platform operation data, provide the best peak season product selection guide, interpret the latest policy changes and settle in support benefits. 2 All-round promotion invites high-quality manufacturers to help cross-border sellers upgrade their products. Relying on the largest professional exhibition of toys and baby products in Asia, 2,508 high-quality product manufacturers from around the world are invited to provide sellers on major cross-border e-commerce platforms with the latest updates. The hottest products and resources, complete categories, covering the entire industry chain of toys and baby products, realizing one-hand docking with manufacturers, completing one-stop procurement, helping sellers to expand more high-quality partners, and tap new business directions and business opportunities! 3 One-stop docking of platform investment, operation dry goods, logistics, payment, etc. Invite official cross-border e-commerce platform gold lecturers to share operational dry goods; invite EU standards committee experts to explain industry standards; invite cross-border industry sales and tell successful experiences; There are also many companies such as cross-border logistics and cross-border payment to jointly create a perfect cross-border ecological chain. Four groups of heroes are gathered together, and the roundtable dialogues gather sparks of industry elites and big names in the field. What kind of sparks will come out of the theoretical pioneers when they meet the practical school? It is worth looking forward to. 5 Mysterious sales surprises appeared, entrepreneurial exchanges were all shared. Mysterious sales appeared, revolved around their own entrepreneurial experience, shared entrepreneurial experience, revealed the secrets of success, introduced a full range of operating strategies, and answered questions for on-site sellers. Participation Privileges ▌ An ordinary e-commerce group participating in the 22nd forum lunch coupon/person (the face value is 50RMB, can be eaten at McDonald’s in the exhibition hall) ▌ The e-commerce big seller group’s 22nd forum lunch coupon/person (available in the exhibition Meals at McDonald’s in the hall) Accommodation 1 standard room/store (no more than 3 nights) during the exhibition period. Meal coupons will be reimbursed at the partner’s booth at the conference site/received traffic guidance ▌ Route 1: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport-Shanghai New International Expo Center North Landing Hall by subway: 1. Take Metro Line 10-8 Line-7 and get off at Huamu Road Station, and get out from Exit 1. 2. Get off at Huamu Road Station of Metro Line 10-2 Line-7 Line (1 stop), and you will be there from Exit 1. By taxi: about 42 kilometers, 50 minutes, and the taxi fare is about 150 yuan ▌ Route 2: Shanghai Pudong Airport-Shanghai New International Expo Center North Landing Hall Take the subway: 1. Take the Maglev-Metro Line 7 and get off at Huamu Road Station By car, just leave the station from Exit 1. 2. Take Metro Line 2-7 and get off at Huamu Road Station, and you will be there from Exit 1. By taxi: about 34.2 kilometers, 37 minutes, and the taxi fare is about 118 yuan
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