How to display the toys in the toy store What are the principles and techniques for the toy display in the toy store

by:Ennas      2022-01-21
Product display in toy stores is an important part of sales, and changes in the product display of toys will cause changes in sales. A successful toy display must be fully prepared, otherwise the effect at the display stage will be greatly reduced, and it is easy to just stop at the description of the toy's characteristics. So how to display the toys in the toy store? What are the principles and techniques of toy display in toy stores? What are the principles of toy display? The principle of safety When displaying toys in a toy store, it is necessary to ensure that the goods are not easy to fall, and the containers and accessories should be used appropriately, and thorough hygiene management should be carried out to give customers a sense of cleanliness and tidiness. The principle of easy-to-see and easy-to-take The product display in a toy store should be easy for customers to see. Generally, the area of u200bu200b10° and 20° below the 20° point of the horizontal line is the easy-to-see part, which is also convenient for customers to pick and choose toys. The principle of distinguishing and positioning toys in toy stores should be distinguished by positioning and display. Each type and each toy must have a relatively fixed display position. Once the toy is configured and displayed, the position and display surface of the toy are rarely displayed. When changes occur, unless it is for certain marketing purposes such as activities, such a display principle can not only standardize the display of goods, but also make it easier for customers to purchase goods. Advancing ladder-like principle The toy store’s toy display can be replenished in accordance with the first-in-first-out ladder-like display principle. During the peak period of business, after the goods on the front layer of the shelf display are purchased, the goods will be recessed into the inner layer of the shelf. At that time, the salesperson would move the recessed goods out, replenish the supply from the back, and keep the toy display full and not overdue. At the same time, it is worth noting that the goods should be collected and tidy when replenishing goods, and the goods should be kept clean and presented in front of customers.
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