How to deal with smooth foam sculpture surface

by:Ennas      2022-02-22
After the foam sculpture is finished, the smoothness of the surface needs to be ensured. Then you can try to use annealing or degreasing for surface treatment. The important thing to make foam sculpture is to make it hard. Generally, simple hardening, resin hardening, and polyurea spraying can be used. Hardening the way. How to deal with the surface of the foam sculpture smooth    1. Annealing    foam is easy to form internal stress, after painting, the stress concentration is easy to crack. Annealing treatment or whole surface treatment can be used to eliminate stress. The annealing treatment is to heat the ABS plastic molded parts to below the heat distortion temperature, that is, 60°C for 2 hours. Because the use of this process requires a lot of equipment investment, the whole surface treatment technology can be used, that is, a solution that can eliminate the internal stress of the plastic part can be used to treat the surface of the plastic part for 15-20 minutes at room temperature.  2. Degreasing  The surface of foam parts is often stained with oil, hand sweat and release agent, which will make the coating adhesion worse, and the coating will crack, blisters and fall off. Degreasing treatment should be carried out before painting. The plastic parts are usually cleaned with oil or alcohol and then chemically degreasing. After chemical degreasing, the residual lye on the surface of the part I should be thoroughly cleaned and then cleaned with pure water to dry or dry. 3. Simple hardening Coat a layer of water-based putty or quick-drying plaster evenly on the surface of the foam sculpture. After it dries, it is polished and the surface is sprayed with wall paint for decoration. This step should also be meticulous and even, otherwise it will be behind. When spraying oil-based paint, it will corrode the foam, then spray acrylic or primer and topcoat, and then spray waterproof reinforcement, and wait for it to air dry. After such simple hardening, the foam sculpture also has a certain strength and good resistance to weathering. Generally, it is not a problem to put it outdoors for about a year.  4. Resin hardening  Use polyester resin or epoxy resin to coat the surface of the foam sculpture to make the glass toughened for the foam sculpture. Brush coating or dip coating can be used, and one treatment or multiple treatments can be used according to the required strength and thickness. The surface of the processed foam sculpture forms a hard glass fiber reinforced plastic shell. The hardening process requires the use of glue to isolate the surface, enhance the toughness of the foam base surface, effectively isolate the corrosion and burning of the foam surface by paint, thinner, resin, putty, etc., and enhance the toughness and strength of the foam sculpture. Take it out Appropriate glue, and then add fillers. The choice of fillers can be wall putty, line corner white, white cement, etc., stir with a mixer to make the glue and fillers fully mix, saturated and free of particles, and make primer after hardening is complete And finish treatment. 5. Polyurea spray foam sculpture spray polyurea coating is to use special equipment to spray the sprayed polyurea material directly on the foam material, which will produce an elastic protective layer with uniform thickness and smooth surface in a few seconds. Compared with stone and other materials, polyurea reinforced foam sculptures have the characteristics of high designability, high efficiency, long economic life, low cost, high maintenance, and high environmental protection. Due to the high spraying efficiency and the smooth surface of the produced products, the complete spraying equipment can be used for on-site construction. The construction area is not limited, the thickness is not limited, and the multi-layer spraying is not layered. The resulting scene is realistic and protects the foam sculpture from breaking. The reproducibility of the original shape is good, so it is favored by the sculpture industry. Spray polyurea materials are widely used in the foam sculpture industry, including the skin protection of wedding film and television props, the waterproofing and protection of theme parks, water parks and various riding facilities, and the stage Scenery, advertising exhibits, antique building protection, etc. are all used.
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