How to combine toys and companionship?

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

Moms mentioned in the article 'Children grow up need companionship, not toys'. As children grow up, what they need is not all kinds of toys, but the wholehearted company of mom and dad. Toys have the appeal of toys, but if you can combine both toys and companionship, wouldn't it be the best of both worlds? Therefore, the dad, who loves hands and is imaginative, took his brother and made a lot of toys during the two-month paternity leave after his brother was born ('The days with my dad are rich and colorful'). As a mother of a bystander, I feel that the fact that father and son make toys together is really beneficial. Let's show a few Mingming and Dad's works first, and then cut into today's theme! As for what building each piece is, let's guess for yourself! [Waste Utilization] The abandoned cartons in the house occupy most of the garage area. I want to dispose of them but worry that they might be useful someday, so I have been hesitant to know what to do. So the hands-on dad took advantage of his paternity leave, made full use of these cartons, bought some simple tools, and started to make handicrafts with him. While consuming a large number of cartons, the children also got free toys. Increased a lot.   [Promoting feelings] This point is self-evident. Obviously doing crafts with dad, not only the children feel that they are involved in what dad does, but dad also takes this opportunity to get to know his son better. This can also be said to be the wholehearted company of the father to the son, so that the children can feel the importance of themselves in the father's heart, which is a good opportunity to enhance the relationship between father and son.   [Hands-on ability] I have to say that through observation, my mother found that the hands-on ability of little boys is really worse than that of little girls of the same age (of course this may be an obvious case), especially in terms of fineness. Dad took Mingming to do the handwork together, cut and cut, and draw lines, which not only exercised the children's hands-on ability, but also enhanced the coordination of hand-eye coordination. [Spirit of Cooperation] In the United States, from elementary school to middle school to university, and even in the future work, everyone emphasizes teamwork spirit. So children like Mingming who have not yet gone to kindergarten have lost their childhood and self-reliance. Opportunity to exercise early. Obviously, in the process of making toys with my dad, you helped me to draw and you took me to cut, it is a kind of exercise of cooperative spirit, two people can also become a team! [Learning knowledge] In the process of making hands-on, as well as self-made toys completed by myself, I have clearly learned a lot of knowledge, such as how to draw a straight line with the help of a ruler, a car can slide down on its own on a slope, a house The upper windows and tiles are a little more complicated. No matter what you do, the foundation must be firmly laid and have a certain width, so that the building can be stable and so on. Of course, some knowledge may be beyond the scope of obvious comprehension, but in the process of cooperating with his father, he also taught it to the children, once he was born and secondly familiar, I must say it a few times, and I will remember it.   [Enriched Imagination] In the process of making toys with my dad, I clearly not only learned knowledge, but also enriched the children's imagination. Obviously, he will put all the self-made buildings together, saying that it is 'Mingming's town, Such as going to the park slides, father driving Mingming to play, ordering food at McDonald’s Drive-Thru, etc. Mom and Dad watched the children play, and I have to say that Mingming's imagination is still very rich. [More interested] Since my father made these toys with Mingming during the maternity holiday, the children seemed to be no longer interested in the gifts they received on Christmas and birthdays. These self-made toys are put out, and then he uses his little car, little people or little dolls as props. Play like this, play like that, you can play for a long time! In fact, think about it, it is the toys that you make yourself, which makes you more interesting and fulfilling when you play. Not to mention children, even our adults, it is like this! Mother’s final words: life is everywhere, especially for children. Therefore, mother’s heartfelt feeling is that it really doesn’t matter if you go to kindergarten later tomorrow morning. As long as your parents have the heart to teach, you can study at home. And at this age, the company of parents must be more important than learning.
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