How to color cast bronze sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
Bronze sculpture is a very important part of sculpture technique. Cast copper works of art are very popular and admired by contemporary collectors. With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, the current cast bronze sculptures have added more and more artistic elements, and the styles of bamboo sculptures have become more colorful. Next, we will understand how to color cast bronze sculptures: how to color cast bronze sculptures 1. Pre-treatment of coloring: In order to ensure that the surface of the metal artwork can form a colored layer with uniform color, good combination and strong corrosion resistance, it must be Degrease, etch, rust, and polish the surface of the work. 2. Ultrasonic degreasing: It can remove oil stains in fine holes and non-through holes, and the surface of the work has little metal corrosion.  3. Sulfuric acid solution can remove the oxide scale and rust on the surface of the work. This process is called etching or pickling. Pour water into a large and hard glass container. Then slowly pour the sulfuric acid into the water (equivalent to the amount of water). Do not pour it in quickly or spray water into the sulfuric acid. Because the splash of sulfuric acid can easily cause burns, it will burn holes when sprayed on the clothes. If your hands can touch this liquid, it will cause skin burns. So be sure to use rubber gloves to protect yourself and handle it with extreme caution. After dissolving the sulfuric acid solution to remove the oxide scale. Must be washed with clean water. The etching time is about 30 seconds.  4. Chemical coloring is the most common surface decoration method used in copper sculptures and copper alloys. The chemical coloring and luster of copper sculptures and copper alloys are related to the composition of the formed film and the structure of the alloy composition, and the coloring and luster of copper is also related to the thickness of the oxide film.   5. Copper and copper alloy castings can be either cold colored or hot colored. The chemical coloring process of cast copper sculpture (one of the cold coloring methods of copper): We first rub the surface of the work with sandpaper, then pickle it with dilute sulfuric acid, wipe it with a metal brush, and then wash the dilute sulfuric acid with water, and then Drying [Scrub the relief with sodium sulfide (crystal) several times to make the copper skin black, and then air dry naturally. Make a simple and solemn effect. Then use a metal cleaning ball to scrub the high points of the work and polish it to enhance the layering of the work, and then perform post-treatments such as waxing and anticorrosion or spraying transparent paint.
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