How to choose the material of the gift box

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

People rely on clothes and beauty depends on pretty clothes. The same exquisite gift box also plays a very important role in gift sales, especially in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, and promoting the company's brand. Junye packaging box manufacturer, specializing in designing and producing exquisite gift packaging boxes for 14 years, has a wealth of experience in packaging box production and design. The senior business manager of Junye packaging box manufacturers has shared that packaging box manufacturers can choose when choosing gift packaging materials The scope is very wide. How to choose the materials of gift packaging boxes. In the selection of high-end gift packaging materials, paper containers still occupy the primary position. The proportion of leather, wood, plastic, and metal materials has increased than before. Natural materials such as bamboo, willow, and grass are still Used less frequently. For some high-end gifts, wood is the outer packaging material. Flashing its natural and civilized temperament. Take the red wine packaging box as an example. When the wine packaging box was planned, it was based on reflecting the characteristics of the village and the dense wine civilization. In the wine packaging box project, many wooden materials were used to make the wine packaging box, and straw was added to the inner box of the wine to enhance the frosting. Raw wine bottles. It embodies the civilized characteristics of the village with dense red wine. Achieved the harmony between the wine packaging box plan and the wine civilization. Paper boxes have certain advantages in paper containers. According to the different levels of gifts, the selection of materials is also different: 1. Low-grade gift packaging boxes: a. Use white paperboards of more than 350 grams for printing and filming, and die-cutting. . b. For higher-end products, use 300 grams of white cardboard to mount and paste into a paper card, then print, laminate, and die-cut. 2. Mid-range gift packaging carton: 250g-300g dominant aluminum foil cardboard and 300g dominant white paper are used for the printing surface to be laminated into cardboard, and the printed film is then die-cut.
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