How to choose stone sculpture and the production process of stone sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
Stone sculptures mostly appear in some larger occasions such as scenic spots. For stone sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Here is how to choose stone sculptures and the production process of stone sculptures. How to choose stone for stone sculpture 1. Tonal natural facing stone should be considered in addition to the choice of color, consider the function of the building. In the home, the decoration of the living room and bedroom should choose a warmer color to show a warm and comfortable mood, and use it for The decoration of the bathroom and the kitchen should choose the cool color of the grain, the clean and the part, to show the cleanness and hygiene. 2. The purpose of the decoration and the environmental impact Due to the different decorative parts of the natural facing stone, different types of stone should be selected. For outdoor construction Decoration requires wind, rain and sunshine during the water period. Because granite does not contain carbonates, it has low water absorption and strong resistance to weathering. Various types of granite stones are used; decorative stones for hall floor decoration, ask Its physical and chemical properties are stable, and its mechanical strength is high. Granite-like stone should be selected first; for wall skirts and family bedroom floor decoration, the mechanical strength is slightly poor, and marble with beautiful patterns should be used. 3. Identify the quality of the facing stone. Processing. For a good product, the quality of the facing stone cannot be identified from the following four aspects. Observation, that is, the meat observes the surface structure of the stone. Generally speaking, the stone with a uniform and fine material structure has a delicate texture, which is the stone market; rough The appearance of the stone with grain and unequal grain structure is poor, the mechanical properties are uneven, and the quality is slightly worse. In addition, natural stone often has some fine veins and micro cracks due to the influence of geological effects, and the stone is easier to follow these parts and should be Pay attention to eliminating cracks. As for the lack of edge angles, it does not affect the appearance, especially when choosing. ②Measurement, that is, the size of the number of stones, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause the patterns, patterns, and lines after the splicing to be deformed, and affect the decorative effect. ③ Listen to the sound and the impact of the stone. Generally speaking, the quality is good, the interior is dense and uniform, there is no micro-crack stone, and the knock is crisp and pleasant; on the contrary, if there are microscopic cracks or fine veins in the stone or the particles become loose due to weathering, then knock The sound is rough and dull. ④Test, use a simple test method to test the quality of the stone. Usually a small drop of ink is placed on the back of the stone, such as the ink quickly sanctions, that is, penetration. Stone said that the internal particles are loose or micro-cracks The existence of, the quality of the stone is not good. On the contrary, if the ink does not move in the place, it means that the stone is dense and good. Second, the production process of stone sculpture 1. The sculpture design needs to be designed by a professional sculpture company. Simply put, a professional sculpture The company is very aware of the advantages and disadvantages of stone sculptures, avoiding the shortcomings of stone sculptures, and better combining sculpture design with stone sculpture materials. 2. Making sculpture clay drafts Most sculptures require a clay sculpture prototype in the early stage of sculpture according to the needs of users. Sculpture staff, if the user's requirements are very high, you can choose the sculpture artist of Boqian Beijing Sculpture Company. Why do you need the clay sculpture link? The clay sculpture link can be improved at any time according to the requirements until it reaches the standard, and you can enter the next step. The clay sculpture link is divided into small drafts and releases. In the big stage, first create a small clay sculpture, and then enter the clay draft enlargement stage after meeting the requirements. 3. The mold and other sculpture production processes are different, and the stone sculpture does not need the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture reconstruction step because the stone sculpture is subtracted, and the whole stone is carved into For the target shape, after the sculpture mud draft is finished, the mud draft can be scanned in 3D, and the sculpture data can be transferred to the computer. In the future, it can be zoomed in and out at any time according to the needs. According to the size of the glass fiber reinforced plastic or plaster block model after the finalized remodeling, the number and processing size of the stone are marked on the side of the stone, and they are arranged in order to prepare for processing. ② If the stone relief sculpture is a stone relief, the sculptor should personally guide the workers to use it. The point line instrument is processed in blocks according to the original large model, and the level and details of the relief must be carved in place. The sculptor should also do it himself, focusing on processing the key details such as the face and hands of the figure to ensure the high quality and high art of the sculpture Standard. After the block processing is completed, the relief must first be tried and assembled, and it can be adjusted at any time. ③The stone line-engraved relief is based on the design intent, and the pattern structure is clarified, the ins and outs, and the fine carving, so as to be smooth and natural, with level changes. Really respond to the original. This step requires the designer to visit the site at any time to adjust and guide. After the large-scale production is completed, it must be repeatedly adjusted, modified, and polished. The areas that need to be polished must be polished and polished multiple times with various types of polishing pads. The texture of the place should make the texture effect required by the design. ④If the stone carving is made of solid natural stone, you can use artificial carving or a stone carving machine to enlarge the small draft and compare it for carving. After the large shape is completed, it must be adjusted repeatedly. Modify, polish, and polish the areas that need to be polished with various types of polishing pads. The texture needs to be designed to create the texture effect required by the design. The above content is brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer There is an introduction on how to choose stone and the production process of stone sculpture, I hope it can help you.
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