How to carry out gift promotion under the 'dilemma'

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

At present, the domestic gift industry market is highly competitive. For distributors, promotion is a good thing. But sometimes, in the case of the same resources, dealer promotions will still be in a dilemma. So, for dealers, in a bad environment, how can dealers solve the problem accordingly? Situation 1. The product is not mature yet, the manufacturer will send this product to the dealer to promote a certain brand of product At that time, the sales network was not yet complete, and the manufacturer's promotions came down. Distributors must grasp the promotion in this case. On the one hand, they can further expand their sales network through this promotion; on the other hand, the network is not sound, and the advancing speed will not be so fast. Moreover, if the product has not been sold in the new regional market, it will be promoted from the beginning, which is likely to cause a waste of resources and is not conducive to future product sales. Once the promotion stops, there will be no sales in these regions. If the sales network is not sound, then the company’s new products will be of little significance. Because for the distributors and the second batch, your products are new, but you can discuss with the manufacturer to send other products with better sales in the region, or discuss with the manufacturer about workarounds. In this case, the most important thing is to solve the problem of the dealer’s unsound sales network, so dealers should not be too concerned about gains and losses. They can use a considerable part of their profits for vehicle sales and publicity activities, and wait until the products are promoted. After that, of course, it was me who benefited. If the product is not mature yet, and the sales network is not sound, dealers must make trade-offs and modifications in the manufacturer's promotion plan. The dilemma is 'how to promote dealers'. Situation 2. Competitive products are the first to suppress sales in this area. Promotions must be done before competitors, otherwise, they can only be carried out with greater intensity. The first manufacturers only use a little force to stimulate the development of the market, and follow-ups have to pay several times the resources. Since the national market is very large, it is possible that the sales promotion activities organized by the manufacturers have already been carried out or are in progress in the regional market where the distributors are located. In this case, it is better to say if the promotion is stronger than the competition. If you are less aggressive than competitors, you have to be very careful. In this case, the distributor should not complain, but should work with the manufacturer to deal with the specific situation of the regional market, such as the implementation of the promotion plan after modification. The author has experienced a promotion. Our promotion policy is 50 yuan per box of products. Since competitors know my product's promotion policy very well, they introduced a targeted policy. Our product is 12 bottles per box. , Theirs is 6 bottles per box, and the promotion is also 50 yuan, so after all, the promotion of each box is twice that of my product. Since our competitors are on par with us in all aspects, we are in a very passive position. In this case, we worked with the distributor to make adjustments to the promotion plan. Adopted a variety of ways to fight against competitors. For example, for places where there are promoters, we don't give promotion efforts. We separate this part of the strength and add it to those areas where the market is more difficult to fight against competitors. In addition, additional vehicles will be sent day and night to promote sales in the regional market ahead of competitors and seize the second batch and terminal funds (competitors also purchase cash). In addition, distributors call on their various relationships in the place to consolidate the sales terminal. In the end, competitors could not bear the cost pressure of excessive sales promotion, so they retreated. Situation 3. The unified promotion of manufacturers is not targeted to the local market. The promotion organized by the manufacturers is generally aimed at a larger regional market, and may not be targeted to the regional market, and the effect will not be the best. For example, generally speaking, if you push a new product, you will send an old product, and if you push an old product, you will send a new product. However, for the developing market, almost all products of manufacturers are new, and this effect of driving the growth of new products cannot be reflected. In this case, a small adjustment to the regional market is required. Generally speaking, the uniform sales promotion organized by manufacturers is not very strong. If it is in the regional market, the promotion methods are similar to those of competitors, and the intensity is smaller than that of competitors, then the problem is serious. In this case, you cannot use the same promotional methods as your competitors, but can only adopt alternative methods. Therefore, for dealers, market promotion is inseparable. Only when dealers fully understand the fundamentals of market promotion, can they successfully carry out promotions and increase corporate sales in the worst case.
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