How to calculate the price of stainless steel sculpture and what are the factors that affect its price

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
The quotation of stainless steel sculpture includes a lot of content. The quotation of a general sculpture company is about 1800-5000 square meters. The cost is based on the material cost, labor cost, processing cost, auxiliary material cost, process cost and other components. I will give you the details below. Let’s introduce the prices of these kinds of charges. 1. The charge of stainless steel sculpture 1. 304 stainless steel 3mm: 1.7㎡×550 yuanu003d935 yuan 2. Laser drilling: 16 pieces×30 yuanu003d480 yuan 3. φ20 stainless steel 304 #36米×50RMBu003d1800RMB 4. Processing fee: 25 pieces×80RMBu003d2000RMB 5. Accessories: 1 item×1000RMBu003d1000RMB 6. Labor cost: 1 item×2000RMBu003d2000RMB 2. Impact Factors in the price of stainless steel 1. The influencing factor of the price calculation of stainless steel sculpture is the volume of the sculpture. To give a very simple example, the difference between the cost of a small stainless steel tabletop ornament and a large outdoor stainless steel square sculpture is too great, from the material point of view , Large-scale sculptures use more materials, and the volume of the sculpture is larger. The thickness of the plate is required to be higher when cutting the material, and the steel structure skeleton needs to be added inside to ensure the stability of the entire sculpture. After all, the safety issues in public places are subject to various High-level leaders and the masses of the people attach great importance to it. In this way, material costs and labor costs will greatly increase; 2. The factor that affects the price of stainless steel sculptures is quantity. Here we need to start with the production process of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures. First, the production of stainless steel sculptures You need to carve the shape first, then open the mold, use the mold to reproduce the FRP products, and then load and unload the FRP products to make the stainless steel products. If it is made of multiple pieces of the same model, then you can share a FRP mold, multiple pieces Production can save the cost of making molds, and the cutting of stainless steel forging masters is also a very cumbersome task. The production of multiple pieces of the same model can save more time, and labor and material costs can be saved. 3. Affect stainless steel sculptures The price factor is also the shape, the shape is complex, the sense of space is strong, and the more detailed descriptions, the more difficult it is to engrave first, and the higher the requirements for the engraving master; in addition, the complexity of the shape is also necessary for the later mold opening and metal forging process production. It will increase the difficulty and increase the labor cost invisibly. The above is about how to calculate the price of stainless steel sculpture, and what are the factors that affect its price. I hope to help you.
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