How should tea enterprises apply gift promotion strategies to expand sales

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

As we all know, tea can be said to be a good gift, both high-grade and decent. However, nowadays, according to the editors of the gift website, too many tea brands in the world are in a gift or semi-gift status. Although the patterns of promotional items are constantly being renovated and the promotional methods are constantly being upgraded, consumers have suffered from promotional numbness in the face of a dazzling array of gift promotion activities.' This makes merchants have to change their sales strategies and gift promotion management methods.    In addition, for different purposes When enterprises apply gift promotion tactics, the planning and execution of their strategies are completely different. However, in the era of promotion numbness, many companies even have a large number of promotional activities It is also unable to sell well, and regional brands are also encountering growth and development bottlenecks. In short, in the era of promotional numbness, the lack of strategic direction and the lack of a systematic marketing mix are important factors that affect corporate promotional thinking and lock in the correct marketing direction. It is a test. The key for tea companies to increase their market share.   From the perspective of marketing, any company, product, brand, in the promotion of gift promotion methods and methods, strategies, and processes, should not blindly imitate the promotion methods, methods, and strategies of their peers. According to its own corporate personality, product category, brand characteristics and other level resources, and conduct a comprehensive review, and then formulate the promotion methods, methods and strategies suitable for their own company’s products or brand services. Because of the company’s personality, product category, brand The characteristics are different. If you blindly follow the trend, it will only leave consumers with a familiar impression, which will not only greatly reduce the gift promotion activities, but also bring the image of the company itself, the impression of the product in the minds of consumers, and the image of the brand. Negative effects.   Many tea companies now combine promotion with their own product structure. For example, Tianfu drives product sales through the binding of tea and tea food, and purchases tea gifts as special tea foods, which solves the attraction of product promotion. Strength has increased the popularity of tea food. Of course, there are other tea companies that have different promotional strategies. For example, Fujian Qingyayuan promotes gifts based on consumer behavior, such as holiday gifts and products for couples. It is a promotional gift formed based on the specific behaviors of consumers.    The same consumer groups have different consumer psychological awareness. When doing gift promotional activities, merchants must accurately understand the characteristics of the main consumer group of the product, and formulate corresponding gift promotions accordingly The program runs through the entire gift promotion implementation process. For example, compared with male consumers, female consumers pay more attention to the practicability, detailed design, and appearance of products, and are more sensitive to prices, and their emotions are also More changeable. Therefore, products that are mainly targeted at female consumer groups should be conveyed and implemented from these aspects to promote the gift promotion methods, methods and strategies of merchants and corporate brand products.    How should tea companies apply gift promotion strategies to expand sales? In addition, it is more important to sort out the market context, which is a comprehensive review of the market, including market environmental analysis, actual target consumer groups and potential consumer groups, channel layout, media selection, policy environment, etc. Level factors, and these factors are the key factors that affect the promotion of promotion. Without understanding the market environment, how to promote the promotion of products ? How to promote marketing without clearly grasping the actual target consumer groups and potential consumer groups? How to ensure the success of product market promotion without fully deploying channels? In fact, no matter how good a promotion is, it will not achieve good results if consumers are not aware of it. .
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