How should companies choose promotional gifts correctly?

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

Holding promotional activities, in which the selection of promotional gifts is particularly important. The promotional gifts selected for promotional activities will vary depending on the audience and time factors, and the selected promotional gifts will also be different. However, from a general point of view, the following principles should be followed: 1. The principle of practicality Whether a promotional gift is practical or not depends on the satisfaction of consumers with the gift. Generally speaking, there is Gifts of practical value are practical. For example, if consumers want to buy mobile phones, they can choose to give away headsets, batteries and other supplies as promotional gifts. Consumers who want to buy electricity can give away kitchen supplies and so on. In this way, consumers can better understand the practicality brought by promotional gifts. 2. The principle of value perception. The principle of value perception needs to be grasped just right. The value of the gift is too low, which does not attract consumers and can not reach the promotion. It really works. The sense of value is too high, which increases consumption costs and at the same time makes consumers questionable. 3. Good emotionality Good emotional gifts generally use convenient and easy-to-carry gifts, and the size of the general gifts is not easy to cause unnecessary burdens. Choosing these emotional promotional items will make consumers feel that the company is considerate to customers and leave a good impression on consumers. 4. The principle of creativity and novelty Creative and novel promotional gifts can always attract consumers' attention. When choosing these promotional gifts, you must grasp the creativity of the product and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. 5. The principle of quality The principle of quality is generally recognized by most consumers and favored by consumers. Such promotional items must be avoided to choose fake and inferior products, because these promotional items will directly damage the image of the company in the minds of consumers, and ultimately cause the degradation of the company's brand image. For example, Amway products generally choose products with good brand quality, which can well attract most stable customers, thereby bringing a certain degree of satisfaction to consumers, and can fully and accurately display the brand's concept. 6. Seasonal principle The seasonal principle is generally to pay attention to seasonal changes when purchasing promotional items. Seasonal promotional items can bring consumer sensory attraction, otherwise it will make consumers tired of promotional items. These gifts are redundant products. 7. The principle of repetitiveness Only by allowing consumers to frequently witness the promotional items and the advertising words contained in them can they continue to deepen their impression. Therefore, when choosing promotional items, one should consider how consumers will use them. The higher the frequency of use or contact, the greater the effect of repetition.
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