How powerful is the toy water gun to shoot at close range

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

People's Daily Online, Beijing, July 28 (Tian Xue, intern Luo Rong) In the summer heat, water guns have become the most popular toy among children. However, the report that 'some toy water guns have potential safety hazards and frequent eye injuries from water guns' has also aroused concerns among parents. Does a toy water gun really have so much power when shooting at close range? CCTV's 'Is it Real' reporter experimented to find out. The reporter bought 4 common water guns from the market: straight pumping water guns, ordinary non-pressurized small water guns, pressurized medium water guns, and pressurized large water guns. First of all, the reporter found a plastic wrap with good toughness for a penetration test, and the shooting distance was positioned about 10 cm. The results showed that, except for the ordinary non-pressurized small water guns, all the other three water guns penetrated the single-layer plastic cling film instantaneously. It can be seen that the straight pumping water gun has left a string of small holes in the plastic wrap, and the other two pressurized water guns have left small holes close to the size of a soybean. In order to better determine the power of the toy water gun, the reporter found a plastic bag thicker than plastic cling film for shooting tests, and the shooting distance was still about 10 cm. The straight pumping water gun that has just penetrated the cling film cannot penetrate after facing a thicker plastic bag, while the pressurized medium and large water guns can still penetrate. The reporter continued to find two layers of plastic bags for experimental shooting, and the water gun was still shooting at close range at about 10 cm. The experimental results show that the two pressurized water guns are also powerless in the face of the double-layer plastic bag. Zhu Jing, an attending physician at the Department of Ophthalmology of the First Affiliated Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, told reporters that the human eye is the weakest organ of the human body, and that children’s corneas are much thinner than plastic bags. The experimental water gun can penetrate the plastic bags. If it is shot directly into the eyes of children, it will also cause damage to the eyes. Experts remind children that it is best to wear protective gear on their eyes when playing with water guns and never shoot the face at close range. If you are accidentally shot into your eyes by a water gun, you must go to the hospital for examination to avoid delays in your condition.
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