How many times a year does a gift industry distributor do promotions to be effective?

by:Ennas      2021-11-03

For distributors in the gift industry, it is more and more clear in their hearts that how many promotions can be done in a year to increase the value, and how many times they exceed it will damage their image. How to make sales promotion deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and achieve sales' has always been the development direction of dealers. Too many promotions, consumers not only don’t buy it, but their image plummets.    Nowadays, dealers’ awareness of promotion is not just about improving. The level of 'sales performance and inventory handling' is to gradually develop vertically and strive to find. However, for a long time, promotional activities are not lacking in new ideas. It is the operation of international big-name and first-line agents. This change is even more obvious.  Long-term sales promotion experience tells us that in the new market environment, promotion is not just a simple discount and price reduction, but on this basis. A powerful weapon for in-depth communication.' An agent said.   In the current market environment, sales promotion information is overwhelming, but it is rare to see what is truly memorable and convincing. This has seriously affected the status and value. A senior expert said: The way out for promotion is not to renovate the current promotion, but to solve the problem of understanding of promotion. Promotion is not just a tool to increase sales, so that the level of promotion is positioned too low and there is no way out. . Promotion is not the devil of harm. On the contrary, if the promotion works well, it is easier to establish the right attention and understanding. It is a very good tool to promote loyalty.”    This kind of change is very obvious in this survey. During the year, we have done several sales promotion and publicity activities. The two points of 'and which form of product promotion activities are mainly adopted' can be fully explained.   According to the survey, the sales promotion of agents has become an independent system tool, which is not only in progress. It is necessary to consider the strategic and tactical issues of competition. At the same time, it is necessary to gradually establish awareness and understanding through promotion information and communication, and then maintain and promote. The agency industry is no longer in the era of 'promotion when there is inventory.' How many promotions can be done in a year to increase the value, and how many times it will damage the image, this is all based on scientific analysis, and it is becoming clearer in the minds of agents.   From which form of product promotion activities are mainly taken, the existence of this change can also be clearly noticed. Data feedback from a number of market surveys shows that 'buy gifts and theme promotions' have an absolute right to speak in many promotion methods.   is also a profit transfer. Discounts and rewinding are double-edged swords. Although reducing inventory speeds up, it damages the image and makes more and more wronged. Especially well-known or newly opened specialty stores and counters have both taste restriction and popularity and demand. Stimulating consumption is stimulating sales. From the perspective of image maintenance, buying and giving gifts is more decent, with affection.” Connotation, beyond simple and abstract price figures, can adapt to the psychological satisfaction of people who are increasingly pursuing spiritual pleasure.    Whether it is a gift or a theme promotion, it is actually a concrete manifestation of rational consumption giving way to emotional consumption in today's market. , Which in turn makes it possible for high-quality companies to get rid of the low-level price wars and devote themselves to the construction of high value-added, so as to strive for greater market space.
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