How many people in Ennas R&D department?
The number of employees in Quanzhou Ennas Gifts Co.,LtdR&D department accounts for at least 20% of the total. R&D differs from the vast majority of corporate activities in that it is not intended to yield immediate profit and generally carries greater risk and an uncertain return on investment. This is a kind of secret info to us. We have spent years developing new services or products, and improving existing services or products.

Overall, Ennasis a leading provider of religious figures solutions in China. Ennashas created a number of successful series, and collectible figurines is one of them. Ennasnativity set wholesale is made using sophisticated technology and high-grade materials. Made by hands, it has specific details. The product has a high color rendering, so everything under it looks more vibrant and lifelike. It creates an effective work environment and brings a contemporary look. The product is available in a variety of sizes.

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