How does the entertainment marketing of gift companies attract young consumers?

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

At present, these young consumer groups born in the 80s and 90s are gradually becoming the main force in the gift market. If gift companies want to grab this attractive piece of cake, traditional promotional methods have been difficult to achieve this goal. In this situation, companies need to be good at catering to the needs of young consumer groups, and entertainment marketing is a better choice. Entertainment marketing of gift companies is booming. At present, entertainment programs such as movies and music have become a very large market that stimulates consumption in China. Of course, gift companies hope to use entertainment marketing to attract users' attention and gain a larger market share. Indeed, After mergers and acquisitions, integration, and entry into the current hottest Internet field, popular entertainment marketing methods in the context of Internet communication have also been quickly copied by gift manufacturers, prompting the gift industry to present a diversified marketing pattern.    Why gift companies are so keen on Entertainment marketing experts say that the integration of trendy elements in the entertainment industry into products or services will not only help gift companies to have emotional resonance with users at the cultural level, and then tap the market dividend of the fan economy, but this is an inevitable result of the current market demand development. . Enterprise entertainment marketing integration is the key Although entertainment marketing can bring so many benefits, with the rise of the industry's cross-border integration wave in the Internet age, entertainment marketing presents a new trend of pan-entertainment, three-dimensionality, and diversification, which will become a gift New challenges facing enterprises in the future. From the perspective of the current industrial operation of entertainment marketing in the gift field, the strategies of some companies are immature. This is mainly manifested in two aspects. One is to simply reveal the brand, LOGO or product, and not to emphasize the integration of corporate values, brand culture and product characteristics with the entertainment resources carried; the other is to thoroughly integrate spokespersons, variety shows, and film and television dramas. Wait for bundling with brands and products, so that entertainment resources become corporate exclusive 'advertising.' Experts pointed out that this strategy not only failed to achieve in-depth promotion, on the contrary it brought a sense of disobedience to the audience.' Only when the combination of brand, product and entertainment resources is logical, that is, the endorsement personality fits the brand image, the product placement in film and television dramas is integrated into the storyline, variety show audiences are consistent with the product target audience, etc., such entertainment marketing can achieve the best Effect. Therefore, gift companies must pay attention to the above points when using entertainment marketing methods.   In short, the essence of entertainment marketing is a kind of perceptual marketing, which should be more subtle, rather than naked trading behavior. Gift companies need to master the essence of entertainment marketing, and combining entertainment with marketing is the core of entertainment marketing.
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