How does gift promotion attract consumers to participate?

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

If a gift company wants to successfully promote its products, it first needs to win consumer satisfaction. Therefore, how to make consumers actively participate in the activities of gift companies has become the key to the success of promotional solutions.   Must be adequately prepared           Before the promotion of gifts, products, gifts, personnel, forms and other items must be prepared in order to avoid shortages in the course of the event. A large shopping mall was engaged in a promotional event. Many consumers came to participate in the event that day, but at the beginning of the gift exchange, the gift exchange staff did not arrive on time. This made the consumers who came to exchange the gift queued up at the outlet of the store. The long queue caused dissatisfied consumers to complain to the mall. Unexpectedly, due to a prediction error during the gift exchange process, the gift was out of stock in the middle of the exchange, causing consumers to talk a lot. All kinds of mistakes made the participating consumers and the provider of the event extremely dissatisfied. It can be said that it is not pleased to spend money. To simplify the way of participation. One company conducted a promotional activity of 'redeem gifts with newspaper advertisements. However, due to the lack of experience in the operation of sales staff, two problems occurred during the activity: First, they did not tell consumers to show them when they received the prizes. ID card, but such a request was put forward at the event site, which caused many consumers who did not bring ID cards to go for nothing. Of course, the opinions of the consumers on the scene were very big; the second is to let the participating consumers sign when they receive the gift , But there are some older consumers who will not sign, but the on-site award-receiving staff failed to deal with it more flexibly. They just insisted on the principle of implementation, which caused confusion on the gift promotion scene and was out of control. Therefore, gift promotion The event must be designed to facilitate consumers to better participate in the process.    On-site layout is very important. Before the gift promotion activities, special on-site layout must be carried out to highlight the relevant information of the company and products. Because of a gift promotion event If it is carried out well, the publicity effect on the positive image of the company is far more important than the number of products sold on that day. This point depends mainly on how much it can sell in the future. Therefore, companies should use roll-up banners, banners, posters, and posters. Various forms of publicity such as colorful flags, inkjet and other forms of publicity are used to vividly decorate the event site.     To keep the promise, first, keep the promise in time, do not be late, do not leave early, and strictly follow the notified time. Second, keep the promise in fulfillment. For example, Some companies have restrictions on the total amount of promotional gifts, but if the actual promotional gifts are more than planned, they must be cashed in accordance with the regulations, and the company will be specifically explained after the event.   Gift promotion can satisfy consumers. It can also play a role in promoting the product. However, the promotional plan of the gift company must attract the attention of consumers as much as possible and make them willing to participate in order to achieve a multiplier effect.
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