How does a home textile store maintain old customers and cultivate new customers

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

First of all, regular customers are people who have been familiar with and used the products and services of the company, have developed confidence in the company, products or sales staff to varying degrees, and have continuous purchases and behaviors. In order to win the trust of customers, we need to compare our hearts to our hearts and always keep in mind that service is the most important thing. All customer maintenance is to create sales. Franchisees are the sellers. Creating performance is the responsibility and must be undertaken. Always put the customer first, care about what she is worried about, and anxious about what she is anxious, so that customers can truly feel that you care about their ideas and care about them, so that customers can feel relieved, comfortable and happy.  Secondly, we cultivate new customers and strive to transform them into regular customers of the store. Generally speaking, the first impression of a customer entering the store has a great influence on the quality of the customer's evaluation of the store. This affects the customer's chances of buying products in our store. If the impression is good and you didn't plan to buy something, you might actually buy it after looking at it, otherwise, you just left. Therefore, the first step in cultivating new customers is to grasp the customer's first impression and receive customers sincerely.   In order to maintain these old customers for a long time, it is also necessary to cater to the various changing needs of customers. For example, regular customers may change their life styles with age, etc., and necessary old customer records need to be made. Record the changes in their lives that you can understand as much as possible, and care about them at any time. But no matter what, the renewal and loss of old customers can not be avoided. Only to work hard to maintain and continuously cultivate and accumulate new regular customers.
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