How do promotions in the gift industry achieve 'always and sometimes up-to-date'?

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

Whether it is a festival event or an internal corporate anniversary celebration and other promotional activities, they are all aimed at the name of promotion. The words 'cost price' and 'off-the-house price' run through the entire sales season. The marketing wars after another have left dealers exhausted and exhausted physically and mentally. How to achieve the ideal state of gift promotion from time to time, it is necessary for businesses to actively seek new entry points for each promotion. Integration and innovation of sales promotion systems To every link in the gift promotion system, mobilize all marketers to carry out promotion innovations, use all-employee promotion innovations to study competitor's promotion strategies, capture consumer psychology, break stereotypes, introduce new ideas, and launch more creative promotions Activities; to implement differentiated promotions to promote communication and interaction with gift consumers, create an atmosphere, and place the brand in consumers' minds with an unconventional promotional image, in order to demonstrate the permanent charm of corporate products and brands in the ocean of promotion, and move towards promotion The highest state.  Clarify the gift market demand   Clarify the gift market demand can fully enhance the business's planning plan, creative performance, and execution. The planning plan can understand competitors and pay attention to consumers on the basis of clarifying the needs of the gift market, determine unique event themes and main ideas, combine product sales status and inventory status to determine main products, sub-products and bundled gifts, and formulate targeted promotions Plan; creative expression can start from fully grasping the form of activity communication media (media, radio, DM), product store display form, available resources, based on the activity plan, store resources; only effective communication with channel members and store terminals, to The carrier spreads the preheating, to the terminal material decoration, to the promotion of gifts in place, to the promotion staff to carry out, the activity process is refined to the relevant link responsible persons, and timely guidance and adjustment of the promotion site can improve the execution of the promotion activities and ensure Promotions are smooth and effective.   At present, many people in the gift industry often refer to model duplication when doing marketing planning. In fact, some things cannot be duplicated. To do marketing planning, we must first understand the planning routines, secondly, how to do it effectively, and then how to avoid going to extremes. To avoid extreme marketing models, first, we must do a good job in market planning and positioning, second, we must do a good job in the local market positioning of specialty stores, and third, we must do a good job in local marketing. This is the entire marketing management chain. For the market to improve steadily and healthily, these three steps need to be done well, rather than relying on only one or two promotional activities.
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