How do home furnishing dealers do sales in the off-season?

by:Ennas      2022-02-16

Free competition in the market, survival of the fittest, both home furnishing manufacturers and businesses are grabbing market share, whoever can grab a bigger cake in the off-season, who can survive to the end, the key lies in how to grab, this topic should be the majority of enterprises The content of common concern with the business. How do home furnishing dealers do a good job of winning sales in the market? How do dealers do sales in the off-season? Customer sentiment is your value in the hearts of dealers. During the Spring Festival, it is a routine matter to send a batch of goods to the dealer’s warehouse. One is the need for performance; the second is also the need of the market (it is important to avoid out-of-stock); the third is to squeeze the dealer’s funds and inventory. Of course, the ability to suppress goods is not done during the Spring Festival. For many sales personnel, it is necessary to do this every month-basically once at the end of the month. Within a month after the Spring Festival, it will be the peak period of cargo suppression. I don't want to repeat the reason for this. I think the sales staff are very clear in their hearts. Your relationship with the dealer is good or bad. It’s not about drinking a few drinks, eating a few meals, and talking about each other all day long. Don’t try to become friends with the dealer in this way. When you need to boost performance in the 'extraordinary' period and face performance pressure, for example, if you give him a call on the evening of the 29th, he will make a payment and send out a few trucks on the 30th. What is this? It's just that the relationship is 'good? Of course not. This kind of guest' relationship comes from the recognition and respect of customers for you and the company, and even awe. 'Customer sentiment' comes from your value in the dealer's mind, that is to say, you have to be helpful to his business, the most direct manifestation is that your product is helpful to his sales, business, and marketing network. Don't let the dealership The dealer feels that your product is dispensable. In many cases, we ourselves have caused this situation. We have to put pressure on the dealer and continue to push it forward, or even force him to keep up with the pace of the enterprise. Forever friends, only forever benefits. When you continue to promote their progress and profit, despite his pressure or some dissatisfaction, he must be grateful to you, at least objectively. How to express gratitude, that is When you are in difficulty, at this time, you will respond to your purchases. To a large extent, your relationship with your customers is good or bad, and you can know the quality of your relationship by pressing the goods. How should corporate distributors grab the market' The market is not bought, nor is it slowly cultivated! Some old salespersons often say: The market is slowly cultivated and slowly developed. actually not. After many years of experience, you will find: In fact, the market grabbed it. Why do you say that? The products on the market are not launched and succeeded for no reason. Of course, it is not ruled out that launching a new product has not been investigated, and I don’t know how to succeed, but this kind of success also caters to consumers. The success of your needs. For most products, two aspects are very important. One is the customer. Where are the company’s customers? The other is where the company’s rivals are? Many times, companies are not looking for customers because companies cannot produce brand-new products. I already know where the customers are, and there is only one aspect left: opponents, where are the opponents? Where are the customers of the company, what should the company do? How can the home furnishing company make the dealer obedient 'it is not difficult to make the dealer obedient' Big, two words: interest. How to realize the benefits, first of all, from the perspective of the market, more familiar with the market and more professional than the dealer; second, do things well, take the initiative to make suggestions, don’t be selfish, do things well, and you will be recognized and valuable; finally , And the most important point, let the dealers make money! How to make money, short-term sales increase, stronger channel control, better brand and product portfolio, more extensive network, in the long run, gain a competitive advantage, long-term healthy development, Influence and image enhancement. For an enterprise to develop, it needs dealers and the enterprise to work together and make progress together to seize more markets.
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