How do gift distributors grasp promotion skills in the off-season?

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

In the current low season for gift sales in the gift market, major gift distributors need to accumulate strength at this time to seize various business opportunities in the market in advance. So. In the off-season of the market, how should gift dealers grasp various promotional techniques?   Generally speaking, the promotional solutions that gift shops can use are the following:   1. Carefully decorate the shop   Various notices can be pasted in the shop to highlight certain products sold at prices to stimulate customers' desire to buy. Even if customers didn’t want to buy a certain item, they might think it is a god-given opportunity due to the “cheap” mentality, so they may buy in large quantities. Pay attention to the use of magic numbers such as 7, 8, 9, etc. when marking the price of the product to make the customer Have an illusion about the selling price of the goods.   can cater to customers' expectations of rising prices, and launch special packages. Although gifts, substitutes, or sweepstakes have been considered common old-fashioned moves, the effect is still very good. Other methods can also be adopted to enhance customers' desire to purchase goods. For example, display the special products that are most attractive to customers away from the entrance or near the cashier to extend their stay in the store. When the customers find the special products, they may have already purchased a lot of non-special products on the way; Some products with higher profits are placed on shelves parallel to the line of sight to attract customers' attention; special products can be placed in front of the cash register to stimulate customers to purchase.  2. Use special discounts as bait. General stores use two methods:    (1) Use weekend newspapers to make a big sale week' advertisement    use a variety of special offers that are one to two percent cheaper than the market price to attract customers. On major festivals such as National Day, May Day, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival, it is a good time to increase publicity. (2) Use special products to attract customers to special design the display of special products, and place the most attractive special products on the first set of display racks specially set at the entrance of the store, and the rest of the special products are displayed in the store separately Everywhere, make sure that customers can watch all the specials sold after one week in the market.” In addition, in the off-season of the market, gift dealers need to beautify the store environment as much as possible and make attractive displays at the entrance. In addition, the brightly-lit shop, through various visual attraction, makes customers linger, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales.
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