How can gift stores make good use of visual promotion techniques?

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

In the management of gift stores, visual promotion can be described as an indispensable marketing tool. That is, the impact caused by the layout of the store space is used to attract potential customers to pay attention to the product, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the gift store to consumers. How to make good use of visual promotion techniques is very important to gift store operators, which means that as many potential customers as you attract.   is no matter how small a store, the space layout must pay attention to the use and division of sky (ceiling), ground (floor), and middle (between ceiling and floor). Generally speaking, the shape of the gift store has too much room for windshield, just keep it open and large, and the floor must be the same as the wall, or be covered with a carpet that is consistent with the overall style. The material of the carpet is best Wool or linen can also be covered with wooden floors. Depending on the season and the specific decisions of the products launched, the most skillful thing is the layout and decoration of the venue. To create the image of a gift store, you first need to see the brand name and logo. Then the brand name and logo must be conspicuous and impactful. It depends on the size of the venue. If the venue is wide, you can use the atmosphere and space as the layout theme, use more curtains to divide it, and you can also put a sofa for rest, giving people a very relaxing shopping feeling. If the venue is small, then the layout principle should be exquisite. The glass folds are divided to give the visual space. The neatly placed hanging displays give people a clean and neat feeling. Try to minimize the use of overlapping and cumbersome displays and models. In the display, only a few are arranged for finishing touches. In the selection and placement of props, order and exquisiteness are taken into consideration, not to have a sense of disorder, but to express unique creativity in small places.   The lighting in the shop is also an effective means to attract customers' attention. Using natural light can not only show the original appearance of the product, but also save energy. However, natural light sources are affected by building lighting and weather changes, which are far from meeting the needs of business premises, especially large shopping malls are mostly artificial lighting. Artificial lighting in shopping malls is divided into basic lighting, special lighting and decorative lighting.  Basic lighting refers to the lighting set designed by the gift shop to maintain visibility in the shop and to facilitate the purchase of goods by customers. At present, shopping malls often use a combination of chandeliers, ceiling lamps and wall lamps to create a clean, quiet, and light-filled shopping environment. The principle of designing lamps and lanterns is that the light should not be used evenly, the key points should be emphasized, the display parts of the goods should be highlighted, and the total lighting brightness should reach a certain intensity.  Special lighting is also called commodity lighting, which is a lamp set to highlight the substance of the commodity and attract the attention of customers. For example, in the selling position of jewelry, gold and silver ornaments, the directional cluster light is used to illuminate the goods to show that the goods are dazzling and luxurious; in the selling position, the bottom lights and background lights are used to show the outline of the goods.  Decorative lighting This is an integral part of on-site advertising in business premises, using neon lights, electronic display screens, or revolving lights to attract customers' attention. Generally speaking, the lighting of the business place should be matched with different brightness in different positions, the depth is higher than the entrance hall, and the merchandise display is higher than the aisle, which can attract the attention of customers.  Of course, the elements involved in the visual promotion of gift stores do not only include the above. It requires the operators to summarize relevant skills and experience in practice in order to play the icing on the cake.
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