How can gift promotion get the most benefit with the least cost?

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

Distributors in the gift industry should know that promotion, as a booster for products to enter the market, plays a decisive role in the marketing 4P strategy. Therefore, this also requires dealers to learn to spend small money, do big things, and plan promotional activities. Only in this way can they gain a larger market share. 1. Promotions must adhere to the principle of 'two highs and two poor'. Many dealers’ brands are often second and third-tier brands, limited by the strength and scale of the company, and often cannot spend more for promotion. In response to this situation, dealers You have to think of some solutions yourself. In fact, dealers do their own sales promotion and adhere to the principle of 'two highs and two poor  The so-called 'two highs and two poor' means product differentiation, high prices, high sales promotion, and promotion differentiation.' That is to say, dealers must insist on differentiation when choosing products, because they are differentiated products, so they can adopt high-price strategies; because of high prices, there will be more room for operation; because there is space, they can often make some forms Different promotions. However, if the distributor wants to make the promotion activities effective, they must differentiate the promotion in the end.   Adhering to this principle, dealers can independently operate promotional activities on their own without the support of manufacturers, so that the market remains active. Of course, this model also has a prerequisite, that is, manufacturers must allow dealers to price twice, which is also the most basic authority that dealers must strive for. 2. Promotions must be systematic, and always be new. When many dealers do promotional activities, they are too affected by the manufacturers and often lack a systematic plan for their own promotions. The manufacturers do it, do it, and don’t let it do it. , Just wait, therefore, lack of long-term consideration of the market. If dealers want to gain the initiative in the current fierce market competition, especially in the promotion war, they must make an annual promotion plan for the market. At the same time, they must break down these promotion plans into quarters and months to ensure the implementation of the promotion. . At the same time, if distributors want to maximize the effect of promotion, they must insist on always doing new things'. In addition, they must not be too short-sighted when doing promotions. Don't wait until competitors are impacted or attacked before using promotion methods to fight. In fact, promotion There are different positioning, that is, it can hit the market, cut into the market better, and can effectively combat competitors. At the same time, it can also establish a brand image and maintain product and brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty.    Therefore, promotion must remain innovative For the sales promotion methods and promotional items used by competitors, stop chewing the 'moon that others have chewed'. This requires distributors to use differentiated promotions to attract lower-level channel merchants and consumers.
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