How can gift industry operators maintain performance growth when there is no promotion?

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

For operators in the gift industry, how do they make their stores look like the crowded scenes of sales promotion? How can we ensure normalized and sustained growth in store sales?   Every time we look at the input-output ratio through sales promotion, if we only focus on revenue, the end result will be more and more disgusted by consumers and more and more tired employees.   For the new salesperson, some people will take her and some will help her. The direction of their work is very clear. In this case, she will be happy and work actively.   So we finally have to return to the question of how to run the store, instead of focusing on business promotion.   There are too many activities, and sales have gone up, but why do you always feel that you can’t make money?  Many bosses get results as soon as they do promotions, but they don’t make a profit. Why? Because there are a lot of rewards for employees when there is a promotion, and the PK between the teams also makes the employees very energetic, but if there is no promotion, how much should be rewarded?    If we do not have a salary plan, no profit plan, no In the whole reward plan, if the boss is happy, then reward more, if he is not happy, reward less. Over time, this situation is manifested as: if there is no reward for employees, there is no motivation!    Then when this happens, how can we solve the problem? ?   Think about promotion from the perspective of business management, and formulate reasonable incentive policies. Not only material incentives, but more importantly, spiritual incentives. If you do well in these two aspects, you will find that your employees are slowly turning to Develop as you wish.
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