How can gift companies make customers willingly place purchase orders?

by:Ennas      2022-02-16

Many gift companies are entangled in their own purchase orders, but they have not noticed that the number of orders also depends on the purchase needs of customers.  From the initial purchase of gifts to the final order, the purchase psychology of customers is also undergoing corresponding changes. Gift companies are uncomfortable, customers are also uncomfortable, how do you say that the order is still closed?    For gift companies, you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. When customers are in trouble, they need to solve the problem step by step instead of just taking care of themselves The will is imposed on the customer. Only by putting oneself in the position to solve the customer's purchasing needs, can the gift company develop and grow. For example, customers purchasing promotional gifts are hoping to increase the sales of (new) products through the flow of buying gifts; purchasing welfare gifts is to express humanistic care and thus arouse the enthusiasm of employees; purchasing business gifts is to maintain customer relationships and benefit Achieve various cooperation with external parties. The reason why customers purchase gifts is because constant pain exceeds the pain of change.  The reason is that the gift company did not put itself in the marketing management to think about where the customer's real purchasing needs are. If it is divorced from reality, how to make the customer willingly place an order? Therefore, if the gift company wants to complete the order as soon as possible, it must follow the customer's purchasing logic, which is the hub.  Analyzing the problem has two purposes: one is to analyze the problem and increase the pain of the customer, and the pain is necessary; the other is to let the customer decide whether the problem needs to be solved in the plan, instead of the gift company thinking that the problem needs to be solved.   It is a pity that most gift companies prefer to sell according to their own ideas and habits, and persevere with customers. In general, there are the following three points that need to be mastered:    There is no such thing as a missed purchase in this world. Buying means change, and whether this change is good or bad, it creates a sense of panic or insecurity. When a customer purchases any gift, it means a change. Purchasing promotional gifts means that you don’t have to use the previous price reduction strategy. Preparing a birthday gift for each employee means you no longer use the previous greeting cards. No longer empty-handed. New product launches, did not achieve the expected sales? Employees frequently leave, and complaints inside and outside the company? Customer churn is severe, and the sales department has nothing to lose... These problems with customers may be found by internal employees, or sales. The staff found it, and what the gift company has to do is to dig out the customer’s problem.   When the gift company discovers the customer’s problem, it does not mean that the customer’s problem will be solved immediately through the product, but to help the customer analyze the problem. By mastering this psychological trajectory of the customer, the gift company can easily find a breakthrough in the order. Therefore, the customer's purchase starts from the problem or problem.
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