How can gift companies get rid of price wars and optimize the market?

by:Ennas      2022-02-16

As a relatively mature industry, the gift industry should have gotten rid of the low-end 'competitive mode of price war.' Inferior screening. Nevertheless, gift companies must make it clear that competition should start from the brand and product itself, and this is the direction gift companies should strive for. Although the price war can promote the development of the industry in a short period of time, the sequelae it brings will make the company lose more than the gains. Therefore, gift companies urgently need to get rid of the price war competition and accelerate brand building and product updates. Only in this way can they achieve a class breakthrough. At the end of the year, store promotions are getting more and more intense, and the promotional slogans of 'reduction when it is full, discount and discount' have become familiar to consumers. Now, behind these seemingly emboldened big gains, it is increasingly difficult for companies. The pain of the cost. For gift companies, in addition to paying for the profit, there are also large activity costs that need to be borne. From building momentum to publicity to various preparations and implementations, the cost of tens of thousands has also increased. The survival pressure of gift companies. The gift market has shown signs of recovery towards the end of the year. This is definitely good news for the gift industry, but it needs to be considered that its favorable environment will not drive the development of the industry anytime soon, so gifts The industry will still linger in the downturn. But the price war optimization 'gift market' is not a long-term solution.  At present, the development of my country's gift industry is uneven and there is a large regional gap. In some small cities, the gift industry is still in a period of rapid development, and the market is relatively inclusive, which is conducive to the rooted growth of gift companies. However, in second-tier cities, consumers have strong rigid demands and many market choices, making them more picky about products. The development of the gift industry also needs to adapt to local conditions, and the price of gifts also varies from place to place, deepening the chaotic phenomenon of the market price system. ,
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