How can gift companies embrace the 'Internet +' trend?

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

In the era of 'Internet+As a traditional industry, gift companies are also striving to seize the online sales market and actively embrace the Internet.    Channel costs are steadily rising, and gift companies are under pressure. Channel costs are steadily rising, causing tremendous pressure on companies. Gift industry As a traditional industry, it is currently facing rising raw material prices and rising labor costs. With the continuous sharp increase in store rents and new store operating costs that open up traditional channels, the expansion trend of gift companies is facing the realistic challenge of high costs. At present, China has begun to enter the era of high wages. Almost all gift companies have increased their labor salaries for channel operations, which has also led to an increase in channel operating costs. Under the background of rising prices, the cost of survival of gift companies has also The tide is rising.  Traditional sales channels bring burdens and risks to enterprises. In the era of high-cost channels, continuing to choose to expand traditional sales channels will obviously bring heavy burdens and risks to enterprises, while new e-commerce channels have obvious advantages. Compared with offline entities Store expenditures and low e-commerce operating costs.    Opening online sales channels can avoid the intermediate links of wholesale and retail in traditional sales channels, allowing manufacturers to directly contact consumers, and manufacturers directly produce and complete the commodity circulation process, which reduces circulation Expenses and transaction costs have accelerated the flow of information and product updates. Real-time and accurate online transaction information can also reduce the manufacturer’s product backlog. Market e-commerce can also make product prices transparent, minimize the price of middlemen, and enable gifts The market has entered a new stage of orderly development. Gift companies use the Internet trend + wave to expand the online market.    In general, market competition is either subverted or eliminated. Today, the cost of the traditional gift market is gradually rising. Another sales channel will inevitably become the top priority of the gift industry. The website in the industry undoubtedly provides the best choice for gift companies. Compared with the traditional efforts to establish closed consumption barriers through the so-called one-stop consumption model , The industry’s website will form an open information interaction platform with the participation of many gift companies, so as to realize the transparency of information, and gradually promote the formation of the gift ecosystem with the optimization of consumption efficiency.
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