How can gift companies do a good job of suppressing their promotions before their competitors?

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

For operators in the gift industry, promotion is a good thing. But sometimes, if in the same market area, your competitors also start a promotion, then the situation is not so optimistic.   Promotions must be done before competitors, otherwise, they can only be carried out with greater intensity. The first manufacturers only use a little force to stimulate the development of the market, and follow-ups have to pay several times the resources. Because the national market is very large, it is possible that this promotional activity organized by the manufacturer has already been carried out or is in progress in the regional market where the gift dealer is located. If it is less aggressive than the competition, you have to be very careful. In this case, the gift distributor should not complain, but should work with the manufacturer to deal with the specific situation of the regional market, such as making modifications to the promotion plan before implementing it. The author has experienced a promotion. Our promotion policy is 50 yuan per box of products. Because competitors know my product's promotion policy very well, they launched a targeted policy. We are 12 bottles per box. They have 6 bottles in a box, and the promotion rate is also 50 yuan, so after all, the promotion rate per box is twice that of mine. Since our competitors are on par with us in all aspects, we are in a very passive position. In this case, we worked with the distributor to make adjustments to the promotion plan. Adopted a variety of ways to fight against competitors. For example, for places where there are promoters, we don't give promotion efforts. We separate this part of the strength and add it to those areas where the market is more difficult to fight against competitors. In addition, additional vehicles will be sent day and night to promote sales in the regional market ahead of competitors and seize the second batch and terminal funds (competitors also purchase cash).   In addition, gift dealers use their various relationships in the place to consolidate the sales terminal. In the end, competitors could not bear the cost pressure of excessive sales promotion, so they retreated.
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