How can a broken micro business redeem itself?

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

On the one hand, daily chemical companies get together to transform to the Internet+, aggressively entering the micro-business, hoping to take a ride; on the other hand, some micro-businesses that rely on multi-layer distribution and layered goods to make money are both stockpiling and payment problems. The emergence has caused the industry to question the WeChat business model.   How to get out of the predicament for a bad micro-business? Nandu reporters recently noticed that the current micro-business and micro-business platforms are also beginning to change the rules of the game, and some micro-business platforms are beginning to consider entering offline physical stores, preparing to walk on two legs online and offline. In 2015, the status of Wechat business is the entry of big brands, the entry of big capital, the entry of big teams, and the big environment changes. There may be a big change in Weishang every month, and there will be a big change in three months, and it is destined to be completely different in one year. 'At a domestic micro-business forum, the participating experts predicted from Nandu reporters.    Anti-stocking and out-of-shower Nandu reporters noticed when participating in the aforementioned micro-business forums, except for the legendary micro-business that originally relied on multi-layer distribution and layered goods to make money. Businesses are changing their business thinking and are beginning to adopt a mode of 'small businessIn addition, some deeper changes are also taking place.   It is said that there is an industry leader whose company paid back more than 100 million yuan last year, but in the last month, only 3 million yuan was returned. 'In the view of Mr. Chai, a micro-business expert, the entire business model of micro-business should be more rational in the second half of the year. For example, the model of stocking agency levels and so on may gradually fade.    Now micro-business may sell a kind of creativity. Emotions, and in this model, simply swiping the screen in the circle of friends is not enough. We need to establish a relationship between people to spread, only the community model can maximize it, and its stickiness It will be higher. Therefore, the future platform must be integrated with the community, and the entire platform will be driven through the management of the system and the viscosity of the community.' A senior micro-business expert pointed out.  Wechat business, it penetrates our lives and becomes a part of our lives in an all-pervasive manner. However, violent screen scans, three-no products rampant, asymmetric information in the circle of friends, and a large amount of goods hoarding in the hands of dealers. 'Weijuju platform chief operating officer and founder Luo Fan revealed that in order to eliminate the adverse effects of users on micro-business stockpiling, they began to try the store-owner-show off' new model of anti-stocking.  What is Xianke? This is the most popular word on the Internet today after Flash, blogs, podcasts, and exchanges. The so-called bloggers are netizens who are keen to expose personal objects and private lives on the Internet using text and photos. In the 'store-owner-show off' model, WeChat business does not need to stock up, as long as the product is posted online, once there is a transaction, it can get profit sharing. This is to help customers interact and spread word-of-mouth services.   微商向Offline entity penetration Our new approach is to use both online and offline models. Online is a mobile-based distribution platform, offline physical chain stores with O 2O. It is expected to open at least 500 chain stores this year, such offline experience stores and The flagship stores are combined together, and they are collectively called Huaerdian. The product experience service center radiates the local life circle and the community consumer groups.' Weiguo CEO Jiang Jun revealed that some of the previously failed WeChat business models have proven online and offline It needs to be integrated, because people still have to deal with people, and it is impossible to live in an illusory world.   So, what kind of business model is walking on two legs? As we all know, customers who have settled on the Internet and mobile public platforms, if they are not classified, may be valuable for a period of time, but the customer relationship will be farther in the future. Some industry experts believe that the establishment of big data classification through online and offline dual-mode systems can strengthen the Sino-Chinese and strong relationships in the relationship between micro-business customers.   However, the investment cost of offline physical stores is relatively high, and the online and offline price system may also be a difficult problem for WeChat business in the future. In this regard, an insider in Weiguo revealed that the company’s plan may consider both direct operation and franchising. In terms of price control, it is expected to implement a uniform price. Consumers can buy offline in physical stores or place orders online. Pick up at the physical store. In addition, brick-and-mortar stores will also introduce a mode of showing off customers. The waiters in the brick-and-mortar stores do not need to stock up, but only need to forward and share product information. After the goods are traded, they can get commissions. The amount of commission is related to the commission rebate strategy formulated by the specific micro-business.
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