How about cloth book toys for babies of what age?

by:Ennas      2022-01-20
Children’s education is one of the concerns that parents pay more attention to. Many toys that parents choose for their babies are educational early education, such as cloth books, early education machines, reading pens, thinking learning machines, etc. Wait. So how to choose toys before the baby is 2 years old? Is cloth book suitable? Compared with traditional books, baby cloth books are more interesting. Even books are toys. Feng Fei’s content and bright colors can better promote the baby’s fine motor and vision development, and cultivate the baby’s active perception and exploration. Enlightenment reading. According to the baby’s developmental process, Huanger Early Educational educational cloth book toys are matched with colorful animals to help them to inspire their thinking through the sensory world such as hands, eyes and ears, and exercise their cognition and grasping ability. In addition, Huang’er Early Education educational cloth book toys are printed by sublimation transfer technology, the patterns are full of colors, distinct layers, reinforced color lock, repeated washing without fading, and easy to take care of. In the first and last two pages, a ringing paper design has been added. The rustling touch can attract the baby's attention and exercise hand-eye-ear coordination. At the same time, Huanger Early Educational educational cloth book toys use customized thick texture thick fabrics, clear texture, obvious touch, tight stitch sewing, not afraid of baby tearing, falling, practical and durable, the contents of the cloth book are all original hand-painted, with animals , Oceans, dinosaurs and other animals, experience the funny adventures of the animal family, and help babies recognize animals. In addition, each Huanger Early Education educational cloth book toy has a tail design, with different materials, shapes, and colors, which can attract the baby's grasp very well.
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