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by:Ennas      2022-01-13
Zanbaobei brand is a brand of baby toys under Shantou Zanbaobei Children's Products Co., Ltd. Its product channels cover domestic maternal and child channels, supermarkets, and gift channels. 2020 is the fifth year of Zanbaby's development. We recommend five hot-selling new models to our cooperative customers, and there are surprises when ordering. Recommended item 1: V828 puzzle rattle four-piece product features: 1. The star rattle can be flipped 360°, and the sound is crisp when flipped, which promotes the baby’s auditory development and exercises finger flexibility; 2. The fruit gum is flexible and comfortable, satisfying The nature of the baby's biting, cares for the baby's immature mouth, the surface of the teether has a concave and convex texture design, which helps to massage the gums and relieve the discomfort of the baby during teething; 3. The abacus rattles are rich in color, small and easy to hold, flip up and down or turn left and right Color beads exercise the baby's fine hand movements and promote finger flexibility; 4. Objects of different shapes help the baby recognize and remember the world around him. The combination of various shapes and shapes of rattles can promote the baby's audiovisual and tactile development, and exercise the baby's manual brain , The coordination ability of using both hands and brain. Recommended item two: V821 Owl Tumbler Product features: 1. The image of a cartoon owl, attracts the interest of babies, bright colors, harmonious color matching, exercises the baby's ability to recognize colors, and promotes visual development; 2. Built-in metal pieces, bells hit when shaking The metal sheet emits a pleasant ringtone, and the sound is more crisp and soft; 3. Then the owl sways back and forth, and the eyes will keep rolling, attracting the baby's attention; 4. Push gently, and the tumbler sways in circles, funny and cute , Attract the baby to push by hand, exercise the baby's fine hand movements, and promote the baby's hand-eye coordination. Recommended item three: V829 puzzle rattle six-piece product features: 1. Sheep rattle head and horns can be twisted, making a clicking sound when twisting, gently press the sheep, four feet retract and beep The sound of the gutta-percha can exercise the flexibility of the baby’s fingers; 2. The fruit gutta-percha is flexible and comfortable, which satisfies the baby’s gnawing nature, and cares for the baby’s tender mouth. The surface of the gutta-percha has a concave-convex texture design that helps massage the gums and relieves the baby’s discomfort during teething; 3. Gently shake the crab rattle, eyeballs follow the beating, cute and cute, press the crab shell love pattern, it will make a beeping sound, stimulating the baby's hands-on ability; 4. A variety of cartoon animal rattle combinations, bright and rich, each Each rattle has a different playing method, which promotes the baby's coordination ability of using both hands and brain. Recommended item four: V830 puzzle rattle gift box set. Features: 1. The four little monkeys are connected by a stretchable elastic cord. The stretching action trains the baby's grasping ability, which is helpful for moving the wrist to exercise arm strength. , To promote the development of fine hand movements of the baby. 2. Fruit gutta-perchas are flexible and comfortable, satisfy the baby’s biting nature, and care for the baby’s tender mouth. The surface of the gutta-percha surface is designed with uneven texture, which helps to massage the gums and relieve the discomfort of the baby during teething; 3. The bear and the star rattle can be 360 °Flip, the sound is crisp when flipping, promote the baby’s auditory development, exercise finger flexibility; 4. Ball-in-the-ball rattles and cage-in-the-ball rattles, large balls are equipped with small balls, full of sense of space, and the inner balls bounce around when shaking the bell Hit the big ball, the baby's eyes follow the small ball to exercise eye flexibility; 5. A variety of cartoon animal rattle combinations, bright and rich colors, each rattle has a different play method to promote the coordination of the baby's use of both hands and brains ability. Recommended single product five: V827 puzzle shape box Product features: 1. The product has bright colors and rich colors. The six building blocks and geometric frames have different shapes and colors to promote the baby's visual development; 2. There are corresponding building blocks of different shapes The geometric frame of the figure deepens the baby’s cognition of geometric figures and exercises the baby’s ability to recognize and recognize; 3. The edge design of the geometric frame has a rounded and beautiful edge to avoid cutting hands with burrs, movable lid design, open the lid, and take out or put the building blocks. Put it into the shape box, it is more convenient to take; 4. The building block contains rattle seeds, and the sound is clear when shaking gently. You can also throw the building blocks into the cage, shake or roll the cage, and the rattle seeds and the building blocks in the building blocks will collide with each other to make a sound, which promotes Baby’s auditory development; 5. The baby does it by himself, throws the building blocks into the correct geometric frame, exercises the baby’s fine hand movements, improves finger sensitivity, promotes hand-eye coordination, and cultivates the baby’s spatial thinking ability.
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