'Horse to households, inappropriate small sculpture exhibition' west gallery opening

by:Ennas      2020-05-30
Core clew: hosted by the xi 'an academy of fine arts, figurines, scientific bureau, western art museum to undertake 'horse to households, inappropriate' small sculpture exhibition at 10:00 on April 9, xian academy west gallery opening. Sponsored by the xi 'an academy of fine arts, figurines, scientific bureau, western art museum to undertake 'horse to households, inappropriate' small sculpture exhibition at 10:00 on April 9, xian academy west gallery opening. Party secretary of xi 'an academy of Zhu Kexiao at the opening ceremony on behalf of the college to change horse households, of two old man, congratulations to all the flowers, vice secretary of Zhao Wandong, bao-sheng han, He Dan, vice President of the institute, vice President of the leadership and figurines of many artists and students attended the opening ceremony, a shaanxi figurines and a great event of the art world. This exhibition exhibits the horse to Mr And ms inappropriate for decades of big small draft more than 50 pieces of his works and some of the literature. The statues from the famous 'silk road' small draft, a famous historical figure of zheng chenggong little draft to the 'beauty', and this small plaster work is created for a year or two, pretty vivid, rigorous, a. See, 2013 horses to households and inappropriate couple also created a large number of small statues sketch, can not help but ask 86 - year - old horse to professor, future plan to have creative giant small statue masterpiece, teacher ma chipper a smile: 'the old man had 86, do not move big ah. 'When asked about the creative sculpture' silk road 'what is the biggest difficulty, teacher ma witty said:' no money! When creating a large sculpture need to 70 ~ 800000, but only 150000? 'Of course, these problems are solved later, after 3 years, this group of works with granite amplification of print, eventually in the daqing road, west of the broad green silk road the real origin of completion. Contemporary artists have been looking for contemporary, expression of contemporary, or even out of the art itself, to ideas and concepts, and even run counter to the beauty, a far cry from. Horse to households and professor of work, is one of shock, the modelling of art from the most basic, the study of Chinese tradition, the Chinese culture, the character of the inner expression of incisively and vividly, each piece of work into the two artists of life experience, the perception of human nature, the traditional study of the depth of bone marrow. Pretty good, pretty touched. Said touched, xi 'an academy statuette dean professor zhigang wang excitedly said, touching art works is the highest realm, now society, exhibition there are several games every week, the country down, don't know how many greatly small exhibition was born a week, but really moving and continue moving work too little, can let the ordinary people resonate with less work. Moved by the keywords is the high pursuit of art. Can view two professors work moved, that old artists rigor, serious, easy life. He said, from the beginning of the last year's Chen Qina solo exhibition, xi 'an academy of fine arts have been hoping that can be accomplished figurines prestigious thread of the old professor conduct a comprehensive systematic comb, it is both a save of the traditional culture, but also show a dedicated to excellent education experience; Second, also hope that through this exhibition, let the good old artist creation attitude and idea of education for young teachers and young artists can form a sobering type of shock, hope they can face up to the traditional, face art, learn good attitude. Pay attention to academic exchanges in the western art gallery, such a non-profit art museum, the exhibition will give students a correct art direction, make they can close contact with the master, understand really good works of art, this is education when the money has the ability to have to do one thing. Ceramic artists Zhang Rui sigh with emotion said, small sculpture is very difficult to want to do a solo exhibition, many figurines forming basic will not work in the author's own hand, today can so comprehensive clear detailing the figurine artist horse change and of the teacher's creation, very rare, even though many are writing draft, to such a focus, is not easy. He said proudly that he had a horse to the teacher's original works. Youth figurines, zhangyu that horse change is the older generation artist, his teaching is rigorous, hard all his life, and the combination of the time the teacher has his second spring, this is holding the learning attitude with the students to visit. He hope the students can from these works, the literature material, realized the true artist in art constantly explore, enterprising. It is understood that the exhibition until April 14. ( Momentphotos) Figurines of xi 'an academy of fine arts department Mr Zhigang wang presided over the opening ceremony opening ceremony Mr. Accepting a reporter to interview of Ms. Horse change, Mr Gu Zhuo not to visit the exhibition visitors take pictures at the scene of the exhibition
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