Hope Engineering Toy Story helps children hold up their dreams

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

Chinagong.com (Reporter Liu Shanshan and Peng Bing) On March 5th, China CNR Changke Co., Ltd. 'Children's Heart Holds Dreams·Hope Project Toy Story' caring for left-behind children activity was held in Huajia, Nong'an County, Changchun City The town center elementary school was held. Volunteers from the company sent books, stationery, and toys to spend the warm festival with the children.   Singing, dancing, playing the piano... At the event site, long-term volunteers had a party and interaction with left-behind children, and signed agreements with 12 left-behind children to help students. 'As of now, Changke shares have donated 3'Changke Hope Project Library', 1'Changke Hope Project Matouqin Music Classroom' and 1'Changke Hope Project Left-behind Children's Home'.' Song Nan, secretary of the Youth League Committee, told reporters that in the next step, Changke will also invite left-behind children to visit the company's high-speed train manufacturing base and plant the seeds of 'Made in China' in the hearts of the children.
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