Hong Kong's first toy museum opens

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

According to Hong Kong's 'Sing Tao DailyHong Kong’s first toy museum opened, exhibiting a collection of more than 10,000 toys by the talented director Peng Shun in the past 20 years. His first collection is a Japanese-made iron robot. He loves 'Made in Hong Kong' among many toys. Canadian toy stores swept through nine boxes of Hong Kong-made toys and invited people to eat and replace toys in the United States. Director Peng Shun, who has directed a series of ghost films, believes that toys bring the simplest laughter. Peng Shun has collected toys since he was in his teens. There are more than 10,000 items in his collection. Toys are from the 1930s to the modern era. He dreams of sharing his dreams. Therefore, he opened the first toy museum in Hong Kong for free to fans. Visit with citizens. As the curator of the museum, the first batch of toys on display are his personal collections that he has collected over the years, including the familiar Star Wars series and Masked Superman, but Peng Shun loves 'Made in Hong Kong' and once worked in Canada. While filming, he came across a shop selling Hong Kong-made toys. He didn’t hesitate to scan nine boxes, and the dining table at home disappeared in the toy sea. He also collected Star Wars toys in the United States that needed to be redeemed, so he had to pay to entertain the neighborhood. Eat a bag. But the most tricky part of the collection process was a plastic weighing mound that I used to play in childhood. After searching for it for many years, I found that it was a teaching prop in a school in the mainland. Peng Shun finally paid a few yuan to pay back his childhood wish.   The Link Hong Kong Toy Museum is located in Lok Fu Plaza. More than 10,000 toys will be exhibited in batches. About 5,000 will be exhibited in the first stage. Toy collectors are also welcome to send in exhibitions.
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