Hong Hua, founder of the Barn Explosive Academy: Ten Logics of New Domestic Explosives

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
From April 8th to 9th, at the Suzhou Taihu International Conference Center, the 12th China Children’s Industry Development Conference with the theme of foreseeing 2021·Deep Cultivation will be held grandly. Hong Hua, the founder of Gucang Explosives College and a PhD from Tsinghua University, will sincerely invite to attend this industry conference and give a keynote speech on the ten logics of the new domestic explosives in the main global trend forum. Hong Hua, founder of Gucang Explosive Academy. Source: I. At a time when new domestic products have become synonymous with trend and traffic, how can new domestic brands create explosive products step by step and create new marketing myths? How can traditional companies capture the hearts of young consumers? Hong Hua will give a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation at this industry conference. New categories are emerging, and new domestic brands need to seize the dividends of new categories. In recent years, explosive domestic products have become a buzzword. With the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic products, young people have become more and more popular in buying domestic products, using domestic products, and selling domestic products. The more young people choose, it has also become another distinctive feature of the new consumer era. There are two motivations behind the influx of new categories. One is that new users, new scenes and new demands give rise to new categories. Today’s products are precise, and different products target different user groups. The other is that new technologies, new processes and new materials give rise to new products. kind. The new brand establishes its position in the new traffic, and then carries out the omni-channel layout. The '2020 China Consumer Brand Development Report' released by Ali Research Institute shows that in 2019, the online Chinese brand market share reached 72%, and Chinese consumers are in the shopping cart. On average, eight out of ten products are domestic products. In the new traffic, the old brands cannot keep up, which leaves room for the new brands. The new brand establishes its status in the new traffic, and then carries out the omni-channel layout, which in turn erodes the traffic and channels of the old brand. To seize the post-90s and post-95s groups, the fundamental of the fan economy is to connect with users with high frequency. As the post-90s have become the backbone of the society and have a stable income, the post-00s have gradually moved into the workplace. The purchasing power of the new generation of consumer groups has increased and they have begun to grow into The main force in the consumer market. The 'Report on the Development of China's Consumer Market in 2020' issued by the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce shows that the new generation of groups has a clear consumption concept, a higher degree of acceptance of local brands, and is willing to pay a premium for product design and features. If traditional companies do not grasp the characteristics of young consumers, they will sometimes feel self-talking and superior. Enterprises need to change their concepts, learn to think in different places, and think about problems from the perspective of consumers. Therefore, it will also be a trend for companies to become younger and younger. The so-called antagonism between merchants and consumers is resolved through such a fan economy. The root of the fan economy is to connect with users with high frequency, advocate high-frequency connection with users for a lifetime, and establish emotional bonds. For example, in the past, the relationship between merchants and users was that if I earn a penny, you spend a penny more. It is an antagonistic relationship. And companies represented by Xiaomi have turned this relationship into I have a new product for you to comment, participate in our research and development, and more users come in. Face value is justice, increasing consumers’ attention to brand and product information. In this era when face value is king, in addition to caring about the quality of the product itself, people are more concerned about the beauty and ugliness of the appearance. How does a brand embody it? Beauty and connotation are things that need to be fully considered. At present, the daily information explosion of consumers is extremely fragmented, so the value of appearance has become a very important factor influencing consumption. Behind the value of appearance is the increase of consumers' attention to brand and product information. Deeply cultivating the supply chain and creating affordable and high-quality goods. There are still many low-income groups in China, so cheap and high-quality brands like Perfect Diary and Uniqlo have become popular. Why companies can make cheap and high-quality goods is because they have deeply cultivated the supply chain and opened up the supply chain. For example, the supply chain of Perfect Diary is all big-name suppliers, using the same high-quality supply chain as international big-name cosmetics. Using data-driven, continuous creation of explosive products that can become explosive products also has distinctive characteristics: first, high sales, a product can have sales of hundreds of millions or even billions; second, the ultimate quality and the ultimate user experience , Only the extreme can produce word of mouth; third, it can continue to bring traffic and sales, and the efficiency is higher than that of peers and friends. The so-called explosive thinking is essentially user-centric, data-driven, to make the ultimate product, and a series of effective operations to amplify the value of the product. The theme of this year’s China Children’s Industry Development Conference is foreseeing 2021. Intensive cultivation. The conference will focus on retail reforms under the dual-cycle pattern, digital empowerment of intelligent manufacturing, the era of generation Z, how to talk to young people, STEAM education and preschool education integration, innovative development, etc. Industry hotspots are the main topic, comprehensively interpret forward-looking trends, release industry data, introduce innovative theories, share successful experiences, explore the way to break through the industry, and continue to promote the steady development of the industry. Thousands of people conference, industry feast, the member unit of China Game Association in 2021 will enjoy a free place for decision-makers. At present, more than 600 companies and more than 100 VIP channel dealers have signed up.
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