High-quality suppliers gather at China Baby u0026 Children Fair to provide distributors with profit protection

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

On March 15 this year, my country’s new consumer law was formally implemented, which clearly stipulated the obligations of business operators, “sell counterfeit products into credit files”, “invert the burden of proof for conflicts and disputes”, and “incorporate compensation for mental damage into the law” 'Etc. has become a new bright spot. In order to help baby products distributors to popularize product safety knowledge and raise the awareness of guarantee responsibility, the 2014 China Baby and Children Fair strictly controlled the entry door frames of exhibitors, striving to provide high-quality baby products for domestic and overseas distributors, and easily avoid business risks. Ensure operating profit. The high-profile introduction of the new consumer law clearly requires operators to take responsibility. Currently, the sale of counterfeit, inferior or substandard baby and child products on the market has caused frequent cases of transaction disputes. The new consumer law expressly stipulates that 'black shops' will be publicized Public, and set restrictions when going through relevant procedures in the future; at the same time, the new consumer law also stipulates that for some durable, high-tech goods and services, if there is a dispute about quality defects within six months, the burden of proof lies with the operator bear. Therefore, distributors in the baby products industry have to improve their business level, store relevant product knowledge, and purchase qualified products to become the top priority of their operations. The China Baby and Children Fair takes the lead in quality and leads the industry. The China Toys and Baby Products Association insists on focusing on product quality and actively promotes the integration of world standards. In 2014, the China Baby and Children Fair co-sponsored by the Cologne Exhibition in Germany attracted more than 20 people from all over the world. Companies and brands from various countries and regions gathered, and the United States, Germany, Australia, South Korea and other pavilions collectively appeared in the Chinese market for the first time; in addition, the exhibition also gathered in Dongguan, Pinghu, Pingxiang, Shucheng, Hanchuan, Kunshan , Ningbo, Zhongshan, Cixi and other domestic baby products leading enterprises and representative brands in the main production areas, provide dealers with a good opportunity to choose high-quality brands. It is worth mentioning that this year’s China Baby u0026 Children Fair brought together companies and brands that took the lead in implementing the 'Safety Requirements for Infant and Toddler Feeding Bottles' Enterprise Alliance Standards, as well as manufacturers that actively commissioned 3C certification of car safety seats, thus fully guaranteeing channel business and The safe operation of the retailer promotes the healthy development of the industry. Online pre-registration can lead competitors to grasp new trends. At present, in order to ensure the maximum effect of dealers’ visits to the exhibition, the organizer has opened the online pre-registration service. Go to www.china-kids-expo.com and go directly to www.china-kids-expo.com Click on the audience pre-registration page and it only takes 40 seconds to complete. At that time, distributors will receive the electronic newsletter provided by the organizer as soon as possible, covering practical information such as new products in various sub-categories, new brands to be unveiled, new business ideas and so on. In addition, for merchants who join the Association’s official website www.wjyt-china.org excellent channel business yellow pages database, the organizer not only helps dealers contact domestic and overseas brands and develop new partners through the exhibition, but also recommends dealers for their individual needs. , Matching new products and suppliers.
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