Hefei gave birth to the largest exchange platform for the maternal and infant industry in central China—the 2nd Anhui Infant and Child Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

The reporter learned recently that the 2nd Central • Anhui Maternity, Baby and Child Products, Toys, and Preschool Products Exhibition held by Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held in Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 24th to 26th, 2013. . The 2nd Central • Anhui Pregnancy and Infant Products, Toys, and Preschool Education Products Exhibition is a platform for exchanges and cooperation in the maternity and infant industry. It was founded in 2012. Hefei Chengai Trading Co., Ltd., Kidswant Children's Products Co., Ltd., Anhui Children's Publishing House, Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd., Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd., and Goodbaby Children's Products Co., Ltd. have a total of 126 companies from home and abroad. More than 400 products were exhibited, more than 8,000 industry professionals visited this exhibition, and 86% of the companies reached the exhibition goals of displaying their brands, promoting products, and attracting business negotiations. According to the person in charge of the organizer, the investment promotion of the 2nd Central China • Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Fair was fully launched in November 2012. At present, the exclusive naming and sponsors of the exhibition are being collected, and the booth is also under intense reservation. The manufacturers of this session have already reserved some booths. According to the reporter’s knowledge of the invitation work of distributors and agents concerned by manufacturers across the country, the organizing committee is also in full swing. On the basis of the original Traders find suitable products at the exhibition, and there will be more awards and surprises on the spot. For details, you can log on to the official website of www.ahyyt.cn to find out. Before December 31, 2012, companies who book the booth of the 2nd Central Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition can enjoy a 10% discount. This is a policy issued by the organizing committee and has attracted extensive attention from companies. The 2013 exhibition plan has been arranged successively , I hope to get involved before 2013. Anhui Province is an inland province with rivers and seas in eastern China. It is located in the hinterland of East China, with Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the east, Jiangxi in the south, Hubei and Henan in the west, and Shandong in the north. The total population is over 68 million, of which 10.699 million people aged 0-14 account for 17.98% of the total population. With the provincial capital Hefei as the center, 500 million people gather in a 500-kilometer radius, and it is one of the largest consumer markets in the central region. With the dedication of Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Company, and with the care and support of governments at all levels, industry media and industry professionals, the 2nd Central • Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Products, Toys, and Preschool Educational Supplies Exhibition is accumulating. It will become the largest and most professional maternity and infant industry exhibition in the history of the central region. Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. promises: will continue to work hard to be the best partner for customers to develop a market with a population of 500 million. Sincerely invite companies to participate in the '2nd Central China • Anhui Pregnancy, Infant and Child Products Exhibition' to win the future of industry development!
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