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by:Ennas      2020-06-04
Core tip: Liu Kaiqu creation in 1934 of relief. 'mother and child. ' ( The Chinese palace for figure) The people's heroes monument reliefs, once people a set of 'selected works', 'selected by Marx and Engels ( Liu Kaiqu creation in 1934 of relief. 'mother and child. ' ( The Chinese palace for figure) The people's heroes monument reliefs, once people a set of 'selected works', 'selected by Marx and Engels ( All) 'Lenin anthology' Stalin anthology cover using the leader of the relief portrait, is from the hand of Liu Kaiqu. This is a worthy of the Chinese people to know, understand, study and remember of the artist. He personally for the re-emergence of the erection of the Chinese nation, to the spirit of the Chinese world has a widespread and profound influence. A few days ago, sponsored by the ministry of culture, the Chinese artists association, Chinese fine art palace, fishingman Liu Kaiqu art research institute organized 'Liu Kaiqu and 20th century Chinese fine arts exhibition' in palace was unveiled, the most representative of 50 selected Liu Kaiqu figurines original and hundreds of pieces of precious historical documents, fully presents his artistic life and he also described and the relative importance of 20th century Chinese fine arts development. Carving a new research from the world community in 1933, invited by CAI yuanpei, Liu Kaiqu figurines of higher academy of fine arts from Paris, France is going back, and employed in national YiZhuan hangzhou, as a small statue of the dean, shouldering responsibility for the development of Chinese figurines career. Returned the next day, Liu Kaiqu in Shanghai to visit CAI yuanpei, lu xun, just here, thunder said a sentence 'in the past China do Buddha figurines, whose turn it is to be like now'. This words for Liu Kaiqu seems to have a sobering, figurines become his life creation principle. He said, to 'carving a new research from the world community'. Two battles in 1934 anti-japanese fallen monument ', 1939 'Wang Mingzhang riding like' Li Jiayu horse statue, in 1944 the sun yat-sen's bronze statue and so on, are the representative work of early Liu Kaiqu, intended to arouse the Chinese people's revolutionary enthusiasm and morale. Completed in 1945 of a large high relief 'a&m's home', more could be seen as a artist in drift from place to place in the life for yourself, for the masses to shape the new shangri-la. This is the first in the history of Chinese figurines to ordinary workers image for the leading role of work. At first, Liu Kaiqu hope will be a performance of workers and peasants labor scene embossed positioned below the 'sun yat-sen's bronze statue, eventually because of the limited budget to do it. The idea in his mind for a long time, finally presents a high 333 cm, 140 cm wide, a&m's home. They are combined into a strange space, Liu Kaiqu remembrance of the past quiet life and a better life for the future ideal expression, seems to represent the life dreams of millions of Chinese general public. Monument to the people's heroes anaglyph condensation exciting history people's hero monument in tiananmen square relief is the most representative masterpiece of Liu Kaiqu life, it is after the founding of the first large monument built by the state, the most important is the new China art history of large public art projects. In 1952, started on the monument to the people's heroes, Liu Kaiqu as commissioner of the design and production design team leader, lead and participate in the creation of the relief monument. : 'la marseillaise' and other western high-relief monuments, intuitive, vivid, the effect of Liu Kaiqu suggest pedestal of the monument to the design of high relief for the history of exciting. After repeated negotiation, including several times and adjustment, the embossment finally established for all around 10 group, not to a great man, leader as a performance object, but the focus of the people, the closer to the public aesthetic realism technique of expression, vivid and summarize the character of the Chinese people's hundred years struggle history. Liu Kaiqu personally created a positive monument base 3 piece: 'the victory crossing Yangtze river' 'support the front' and 'welcome to the people's liberation army'. The exhibition showed in the form of prints up to 2 meters, the width to 6. 4 meters 'victory crossing Yangtze river'. In addition, the audience can see one of the eight pieces of embossment small draft, is respectively describe the commander, the barge-woman, across the river to cross the river crossing warrior, former peasants and other ordinary people image.
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