He E: use a small statue of heart feeling

by:Ennas      2021-09-19
Core tip: He E is one of the rare Chinese contemporary female figurines home, is rare in the world's outstanding female figurines. She spent 12 years in dunhuang, meanwhile, she suck the milk of the national culture of the motherland to make since He E is one of the rare Chinese contemporary female figurines, is rare in the world's best female figurines. She spent 12 years in dunhuang, meanwhile, she suck the milk of the national culture of the motherland to grown up on the basis of the national culture tradition, become a very outstanding figurines. Traditional everyone in the attention, but should go deep tradition, into their own things need to spend a lot of work, she is impossible to a willing heart. Her copying and research, through the observation, comprehend the essence of national culture, the essence of national culture, national culture melt into his blood, to melt to create his own life. She carries forward the national tradition and the western modern art. Both does not conflict, the key is be organic fusion, and she was natural and ingenious fusion and form their own style. Can see, her creation influenced by rodin to Henry Moore's of the 20th century, but she put these nutrients absorption, not rigid practices. How to combine the two aspects of good experience and the root of national culture combined with his own creation, is a difficult process of groping, this He E did very well. He E work, feeling very real, not artificial, her little statue, no matter big small, are imposing manner, even if the mother, children, focus is small in see big, very warm and very powerful. Figurines can impress people, real feelings is the most important. Her life is the true heart, this is also her art can move one of the most important reason. In the artistic creation, even if there is the basis of national cultural traditions, even if the use of the foreign experience of art, even with superb skills, but no feelings is not true. Those are the external things, the most important thing is the true emotions, she to the creation of the second stage, especially in the third stage, performance, performance of life, the true feelings, the feeling of the heart, she works of art will go up. From gradual enlightenment to Epiphany, feelings show true and natural. Art vividly expressed her experience of life. Small statue is the feeling of the concept of a historical accumulation, is also a valuable experience, a small statue of ancient Greece and Rome, ancient Egypt figurines, the ancient art of Asia and Africa region, the traditional Chinese figurines, medieval, Renaissance, rodin, mayor, Boolean del figurines and central and South America, style is different, but all Shared sense of figurines. Michelangelo figurines can fell down from the mountain, also won't broken. Is the feeling of someone metaphor figurines sacks containing potatoes, outside, inside collect is a kind of tension. In the 20th century, figurines dimension sense is dispelled, the concept of figurines are changed, but the volume is a very important principle, the statue of the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign at least realistic figurines. He E's works are full of tension and dimension sense is very strong, but there are women inside, flexible, soft contains inside, is just a soft, her work to lure us into their inner, to aftertaste, chew, so that the mind the shock. Art card He E, born in 1937 in Shanghai jinshan, in 1955 graduated from the fine arts department of art institute of northwest figurines. Former process, the director of the institute of fine arts, artists association, gansu province, gansu province, the Chinese artists association, vice President of figurines writer, small national urban sculpture art committee member, etc. , the China small statue committee, director of China art research institute China figurine institute distinguished figurines home environment art, Chinese construction culture art association professional committee of experts advisers, dean of gansu He E figurine, etc. Big city small statue 'Yellow River mother' ( Granite) The first won the 'national ChengDiao excellence award', in 2009 the ministry of construction, ministry of culture awarded the 'new China city figurines construction achievement award'; 'The girl embroidered' ( Coarse pottery coloured drawing or pattern) 'Liu Kaiqu figurine art fund award' and collected by national art museum of China; Giant ChengDiao genghis khan small DiaoXiangQun ( Five group of bronze statue) Built in ordos city of Inner Mongolia kangbashi new area genghis khan square, in 2006 won the 'national ChengDiao annual award'; 'The sea' ( Bronze) In 2009 built in yixing city, jiangsu province, was awarded a prize of 'xu beihong'; 'Flowers', 'deep' 'life & # 183; Surge, '' hope star of the second, four, five of the China art gallery; 'The masters' (2010 Bronze) By the China academy of art China figurine institute collection; The thick soil series & # 183; Loess, 'landing 2013 CCTV figurines series; 'Yellow River mother' ( The synthesis) To participate in 'the Po one hundred & # 183; China figurine exhibition 'in one hundred; 'The dream' ( Bronze) Permanently stored in Kansas overland park small statue park of China and the United States; Hope the stars ( Bronze) The exhibition French judges award went to the Louvre international exhibition of fine arts in 2013. Published 'He E figurine art' album, 'bronze ancestors and grassland offspring' album, etc. In 1993 won the 'Chinese arts and crafts master' honorary title, in 2009, gansu provincial party committee, the provincial government issued 'lifetime achievement award', in 2010 won the 'Chinese arts and crafts a lifetime achievement award', etc.
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