Hape, Sile, and Playmobil have all launched new products, and the hot category in 2021 is actually it!

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
In 2020, a new crown pneumonia epidemic sweeping the world has made environmental protection and sustainable development increasingly a consensus of mankind. Toy manufacturers such as Hape, Sile, and Playmobil have seized this trend and launched new nature-themed toys to cater to this trend. The public's attention to nature is of extraordinary significance to children in the accelerated development of urbanization. 1 Discovering the mysteries of nature through hands-on practice. Most of the children living in cities learn and understand natural knowledge from books and videos, and cannot produce intuitive impressions. Hape and Bangbao puzzle launched two new nature-themed toys to help Children have a deeper understanding of plant growth and seasonal changes. ▶ Hape-Little gardener planting greenhouse, personally breeding and observing plant growth. Using Hape’s little gardener planting greenhouse, children can plant any plant seeds they like. The bamboo tube that comes with the product can be used as a mold to assist in the production of paper seeds. Petri dish; the transparent box cover ensures the necessary temperature for seed germination, so that the new seedlings can enjoy the nourishment of sunlight. Through careful care, children let the seeds germinate and grow, experience the joy of gardening, and feel the magical power of nature. At the same time, the toys are made of plant-based plastics, advocating and promoting the concept of environmental protection. Applicable age: 4 years old and above ▶ Scientific canned food-Elton multifunctional observation barrel, allowing children to explore the mysteries of nature from a microscopic perspective. Elton multifunctional observation barrel is a large-scale observation barrel that can observe insects, plants, and small creatures. Etc., the top magnifying glass can magnify 5 times, 360-degree panoramic view, no blind spots for comprehensive observation, ventilation holes, ventilation and ventilation, to ensure fresh air circulation in the barrel, wonderfully present the onlooker world, allowing children to go outdoors and explore nature. Applicable age: 3 years old and above ▶ Bangbao-Four Seasons, through the assembly of the four seasons themed scenes, experience the four seasons style Bangbao four seasons theme building blocks, including spring, summer, autumn and winter, each containing multiple seasonal elements, composed by assembly A seasonal theme scene, in the process of assembling, experience the characteristics of different seasons. At the same time, the assembled work can also be used as a pen holder, storage box, mobile phone holder, etc., and can be used as a desktop ornament that integrates practicability and ornamentation. Applicable age: 4 years old and above 2 Experience the relationship between man and nature through role-playing. Humans have begun to domesticate animals very early. Farm-themed scene toys allow children to raise animals through role-playing, understand farm life, and experience the relationship between man and nature. . ▶ Hape-pony club, let children experience the fun of raising and managing horses. The stables are divided into upper and lower floors, integrated design, easy to store and move, and equipped with various horse feeding and riding tools, the second floor has a kitchen and storage In the room, there is also a lifelike foal and a doll. Through the simulation of the situation, you can understand and understand how the horse is fed. Applicable age: 3 years old and above The set contains farm animals such as horses, donkeys, dogs, pigs, and two dolls to enhance animal cognition. After completing the building of the farm, players will use role-playing to interpret the story of managing the farm. Applicable age: over 3 years old ▶ Playmobil-Large City Zoo: Move the zoo into the house, observe and learn about different animals. Children can explore the zoo and learn about different animals through the Playmobil large city zoo set at home. This set of toys includes 6 dolls, an adult giraffe, a baby giraffe, two adult penguins, four baby penguins, a pelican, a fish with a bucket, a bicycle with a cart, postcards, a cash register, and a camera , Fences and other accessories. Applicable age: 4 years old and above 3 Recognize various natural creatures and cultivate environmental awareness. Maintaining biodiversity is an important part of protecting the natural environment. Toy manufacturers present various wild animals to children in the form of toys, supplemented by related introductions Explain, let children have an intuitive understanding of natural biodiversity, cultivate and establish their environmental awareness. ▶ National Geographic-Desert Cat Plush Toy: Vividly interpret the physiological characteristics of real animals. This plush toy authorized by National Geographic vividly interprets the appearance of cats living in the desert. The big ears are used to listen for sand vibrations. The ear hairs are very long and play a role in blocking wind and sand. These show the physiological characteristics of real desert cats. Acrylic fabrics imitate the real fur texture of animals while maintaining smoothness. In the toy tag, there is a detailed introduction to the animal, so that parents and children have a deeper understanding of the animal. Applicable age: 3 years old and above ▶ CollectA -1:40 Megalodon: exquisite details, high degree of simulation, designed and approved by British and American experts, and reduced in proportion to the actual size of the animal, all hand-painted to ensure that the product is exquisite and vivid, proportional, The color patterns are vivid and lifelike. The shark's mouth can move, adding to the fun of playing. Applicable age: In the post-epidemic era after the age of 3, people have re-examined their relationship with the natural environment and have a deeper understanding of the importance and urgency of protecting the environment. Nature-themed toys allow children to accumulate knowledge of nature from an early age to protect the environment. The establishment of consciousness has laid a good foundation and will be more and more popular with people. What do you think about this?
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