Hape, Maigu, Little Tikes... have all released new products, and these toys will enter the hot season!

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
Tmall platform data shows that in February 2021, the sales of key outdoor and sports-related categories, such as children's bicycles, scooters, and electric strollers, have increased year-on-year. Among them, scooters have the largest year-on-year increase, reaching 44.9%. Many toy manufacturers have recently launched a variety of new outdoor and sports toys in an attempt to seize this hot trend and provide consumers with more choices. 01 Multi-functional combination to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Some toy manufacturers have launched new outdoor and sports toys. Through innovative designs, they combine multiple functions to add more play and fun to children’s play and meet the needs of parents with children. Required for this kind of scene. Micro Maigu children's yo-yo: detachable base, dual-use in one car The Maigu bounce yo-yo is designed to allow more children to have fun and exercise even at home. The detachable bouncing ball and yo-yo car are two-in-one, and at the same time enjoy the dual fun of toy cars and bumper balls, and multiple play methods give children a richer play experience. The ball adopts an inflatable bouncing ball with a weight of up to 25KG, which can easily exercise the strength of children's spine, back and limbs. The upper body of the base is made of PP+ glass fiber material, the texture is hard and not easy to break, and it can effectively support the weight of the sphere. The four universal wheels on the base can slide 360° on the ground with zero noise and no disturbance to the people. Applicable age: 18 months or more. Yvolution Felicity Luna Multi-Functional Baby Walker: Trolley + Roller + Scooter Combine This multi-functional baby stroller can be described as a multi-faceted player, including trolleys (1.5-3 years old), yoyo (2-6 years old), scooter (3-10 years old) in one. The car body can not only ride, but can also be used as a storage box to store various toys and supplies. A car can be used from small to large to meet the needs of children of different ages in the growth process, and bid farewell to the family storage problem. Applicable age: 1.5-10 years old CAT SCOOTER: Not only a scooter, but also a tool for playing sand The wheels ensure driving stability. Applicable age: 3-7 years old 02 Focus on sensory integration and balance ability enhancement. New outdoor and sports toys launched by toy manufacturers, focusing on the exercise of children's physical functions, enhancing coordination and balance ability, during the process of playing with toys , So that both body and mind can be improved. Chicco Hopscotch Game Mat: Two game modes, exercise balance and exercise accuracy. The 10 grids of the game mat have a sound function, and you can make interesting sounds when you step on it. There are two game modes: hopscotch mode and fitness mode. In fitness mode, children are required to follow the patterns displayed on the thrown ball. There are 9 different balance exercises to help children develop their motor skills and accuracy. . Applicable age: 2-5 years old Kinderkraft Germany kk children balance bike: the body is made of wooden materials, lighter and more stable. The body is made of European standard birch wood, which is light, strong, small in size, light in weight and only net weight. It is 3KG, the center of gravity is low and stable, and the ergonomic design makes it more comfortable, stable and safe when riding, and exercises children's balance and athletic ability. Applicable age: 3 years old and above Little Tikes balance bicycle: two modes of balance bike and bicycle, so that children learn to ride a bike faster. Little Tikes balance bike allows children to learn to ride a bike faster without auxiliary wheels and pedal It can be flipped onto the bicycle frame to easily switch between the balance bike and bicycle modes. After children master the balance and driving speed in the balance bike mode, they can learn the bike mode with the help of adults. The appropriate height allows the child to easily step on the ground with their feet without falling. The handlebars and seat are adjustable, and the EVA foam tires have high abrasion resistance. The pedal can be braked by rotating the pedal in the opposite direction, which increases the safety of riding. Applicable age: 2-5 years old. 03 Improve product convenience and safety. Toy manufacturers Improve the convenience and safety of toys through technological innovation, make children's play safer, and bring more peace of mind and convenience to the busy daily parenting life of young parents. rollpaly children's electric scooter: a combination of surfboard and electricity, the handle is folded and can be stored Electric motor, good power and low noise, 24V3AH lithium battery provides strong power, one-key switch, two-speed adjustment. The ring-shaped handlebar has double buttons for easier control, and the handlebar is folded and stowed, easy to store and carry. Applicable age: over 8 years old Hape portable folding beach bucket: integrated combined storage design, saving space Hape portable folding sand bucket set, using integrated combined storage design, beach bucket supports folding and compression storage, greatly saving storage space, equipped with a small school bag , To prevent the loss of accessories, support a variety of fun games such as shoveling, digging, filling, etc., to stimulate hands-on creative ability. It can be used for digging sand, playing in the snow, playing in the water, etc., and unlocking fancy gameplay in a variety of scenarios. Applicable age: more than 18 months. As the weather gets warmer, outdoor and sports toys are about to enter a hot sales period. Which of these big-name new products are you optimistic about?
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