Hanging in mid-air mud shit what do you think it represents?

by:Ennas      2020-05-27
Core tip: Lu Yunxia 'go' and 'if' local exhibition at the scene of the second 'tomorrow' contemporary small statue awards, landing and the winning entries are exhibited the university li 'abnormal' local Lu Yunxia 'go' and 'if' local exhibition at the scene of the second 'tomorrow' contemporary small statue awards, landing and the winning entries are exhibited the university li local chongqing morning news (' abnormal' Reporter Li Lian) On April 17, in the afternoon, the chongqing morning news reporters came to the university of sichuan beautiful figurines of the exhibition hall, is being held here is 'the second session of 'tomorrow' contemporary figurines award finalist and award-winning exhibition. A year ago, the first 'tomorrow' exhibition is held in this field. The difference is that this year's exhibition art home much more after 90. Registration work tripled sichuan beautiful figurines dean li told reporters that last year mainly came from the southwest of 60 young artist sign up nearly 200 pieces of works, and this year the artists from all directions, in addition to the freedom of artists, including Central America, gome, etc. More than 147 students of art college enrolment, nearly 700 pieces of works, 'fully reflects the 'tomorrow' prize for contemporary figurines growing reputation and influence. 'The scene exhibited 20 shortlisted artist's nearly 60 ( Group) The device for the work, the work more, soft carving, such as multimedia, audio and video new way of performance. One of the little detail reflects the transparency of awards - Five administrator sig gissler judges vote will stick in their recognition of sticker. The winners and the students in five winners, TongKun bird or a senior student from cafa, he born in the year 1990 by a group of interactive work won the favor of the judge. 'Chinese figurines' deputy editor and critic rhodium told reporters, 'this boy has a lot of ideas. 'Playing small statue,' idea 'is a must. Winning entries, for example, graduated from sichuan beautiful figurines are two female artists Lu Yunxia and li na, use wood and palm, to create new and open work; Freedom from Beijing artist Deng Yufeng 'wonderland and bone', is considered by administrator sig gissler judges outlook is a very thoughtful works; ZhangXingHua 'COW' series, with small leather photographically detailed appearance shows the quality of the carton, while 'cartons' with true ox horn and ox tail, in both the material transformation and the expression of the theme, all show the unique personal style. The exhibition will last until on May 18, and also at the same time to carry out the 'paradise of - Zhang Zengzeng, JiPing exhibition 'and' material narrative - Two small statue parallel exhibition LouJin exhibition '. What need reminds is, two parallel exhibition move-in time for May 3rd. Winner said & gt; Deng Yufeng: I don't care what the audience read four pieces for work, Deng Yufeng own value most is the 'essence' - A large enough lubricating oil absorption sponge, but cause the interest of the judges and audience, but it is the fairyland with bone - A mire of tuo hanging in mid-air. Deng Yufeng, according to the work creation in 2012, he in the premise of precast frame, (about 200 kg from the construction site of the clay He thinks that the construction site is symbolic) , with a small statue 'on the mud,' way to shape it into a lump of isolated cube, and then watered regularly moisturizing, make soil earthworm, spiders, microorganism and weeds grow naturally, thus forming a small ecological cycle of the universe. Looking for the evaluation of the work is, 'no root of land'. Whereas Deng Yufeng believes that the viewer how to read, he doesn't care. Lu Yunxia: special respect material itself Lu Yunxia shortlisted for the three pieces of works with the same media - Wood. Is not, of course, in the traditional sense of the wood, but wood as the carrier, expresses the author of life, and the expression of life. Why is favored wood? Lu Yunxia thoughtlessly say several adjectives - In the process of creation, I respect the material itself in particular, I believe it's natural texture and texture and temperament, and I'd like to express the idea. 'Deng Yufeng figurines' wonderland and bone ', how to interpret this piece? One thousand readers have one thousand different voice in my heart. The judges voice & gt; Outlook: the author is a cow nominated the chongqing morning post: your overall impression of this designs? Announcing the winners outlook: I said a words: to landing is the author of cows. Forms - it's really not a fact, in terms of my personal feeling, for work not only each has its own characteristics, the overall level also more neatly. Most of the authors are very young, but their works not only well-made, complete degree is high, and they all have certain ideological content. Chongqing morning post: what do you think they are different from traditional figurines in where? Outlook: the first is the use of media, young artists is a surprise; Followed by the technique of expression, they took advantage of the device, soft carving more and new media art language; More important is they want to express the theme, is open and bold, like winners TongKun birds and Deng Yufeng works, just show after 80, 90 people after the unique innovation spirit and ideological qualities.
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