Han meilin, 81 representative figurines

by:Ennas      2020-06-01
Core tip: in the Forbidden City, a famous artist, han meilin 'han meilin zodiac art exhibition' to end soon, 'the endless - — Han meilin small statues at the southwest corner of the world 'and in chaoyang park, phoenix, a famous artist, han meilin' han meilin zodiac art exhibition 'held in the Forbidden City to end soon,' the endless - — Han meilin small statues at the southwest corner of the world 'and in chaoyang park, phoenix center, 81 pieces, han meilin small sculptures scattered placed within each space in the center of the phoenix, set each other off becomes an interest the figurine art and architecture art. Han meilin, a tireless art practitioners, and the trail blazers. He is versatile, wide-ranging, the creation field of media and cover painting, calligraphy, figurines, ceramic, design, and writing, etc. The exhibition presents han meilin representative small sculpture, stroll the center of the phoenix nest, platforms, stairs, can see han meilin in early 2015 to commemorate the seventy anniversary of the victory of world anti-fascist war, the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations special creation of 'peace watch', can also be seen in 2008 by the British museum collection of bronze statue of a small 'horse', can enjoy more performance 'mother and child' series of humanistic concern, 'pig' 'panda' the bear 'horse' series of cattle and other animals, and his 'body', the most experimental 'gobbledygook' and so on more than 10 series. Han meilin creation of forms and materials of pig figurine, just 45 days in the imperial palace for the New Year's exhibition, attracted nearly 500000 visitors stop to enjoy at home and abroad. The exhibition venue phoenix center is the Beijing headquarters of phoenix TV, its modelling idea from unlimited symbols - — After the completion of mobius ring, won numerous domestic and foreign architectural award. Han meilin believes that the selected 81 exhibits on the style to fit the phoenix center this sense of the future, the construction of contemporary feeling, a portion of the works are abstract, a small statue with line feeling, can match more inclusive open concept and expression of phoenix center. Phoenix center building designer, famous building designer Shao Wei ping also said: 'the Korean old phoenix center's work with the open space bring out the best in each other, increase the construction of artistic charm. 'It is reported,' the endless - — Han meilin small statue of world 'roll over for two months, until May 7. Way to make an appointment to visit the audience information will soon WeChat phoenix TV in public, and posted on the official weibo.
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