Halloween toy simulation to scare away girls

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

Yide Road Wholesale Market, all kinds of scary toys sold by merchants hang on the heads of passers-by. Photo by reporter Mo Weinong As the 'Halloween' festival is approaching, many shopping malls, supermarkets, and toy markets have launched themed publicity campaigns. However, the reporter visited the toy market on Yide Road and found that the horror toy among the 'Halloween' theme toys became the most eye-catching product. However, many parents who take their children shopping have reported that they are worried that these horrible and bloody toys sold along the street will affect the physical and mental health of their children. Yin Qingyun, director of the Child Psychiatric Department of Guangzhou Brain Hospital, said that these scary toys may affect the physical and mental health of children. The simulation of foreign festival toys is extremely high. Yesterday the reporter visited the Yide Road toy market and found that more than a dozen shops were selling 'Halloween' toys. In addition to traditional pumpkin lanterns and comic costumes, the main way for businesses to attract customers is to hang scary “skeletons”, “zombies”, “ghosts” and other bloody and horrible dolls at the door. Passersby feel creepy when they pass by here during the day. In order to create a 'Halloween' atmosphere of horror, the corresponding toys are also extremely horrible. In the Wanling toy market, a stall owner selling Halloween toys showed reporters the best-selling 'broken handest effect. In addition, there is a luminous 'skeletonThe reporter visited and learned that in the toy market, these terrorist toys accounted for about half of the market, including terrorist masks, 'severed handsAnd these toys are realistic in workmanship, soft in material, and highly emulated. Girls are scared away by scary toys. Yidelu’s toy stalls are concentrated, and many parents bring their children to buy toys here. However, many parents originally only wanted to bring their children to buy ordinary children's toys. Unexpectedly, the children were so scared by the scary toys in the store that they did not dare to enter the store to choose them. On the first floor of Yidelu Wanling Toy Market, the reporter saw a toy stall full of toys such as 'skulls' and big spiders tied up with iron chains. Citizen Ms. Zhou brought her daughter who has not yet gone to elementary school to pick toys here. 'My daughter wanted to buy a Barbie doll, but she didn't want to see the'zombie' toy on the floor in the store, so she was scared out.' Ms. Zhou said, herself I told my daughter about the origin of 'Halloween' and foreign customs before. My daughter was also mentally prepared before, but she was still taken aback. The person in charge of the Yidelu family stall told reporters that generally young people and foreigners come to buy scary toys. In addition, many students are also their customers. A scary “severed hand” is about 15 yuan, mainly Putting it in your schoolbag to trick classmates. However, many parents worry that these scary toys are already scary in the store. If they suddenly appear in school, they don't know how many timid children will be frightened. Expert: Children should be avoided from touching horror toys. Children have different personalities and their attitudes towards these horror toys are naturally different. With the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, many parents also introduce cultural backgrounds such as 'Halloween' to their children, but unless the children take the initiative to request, very few parents take the initiative to buy these scary toys for their children to play with. Sister Wang, a citizen who lives near Renmin Road, told reporters that these scary toys were scared after seeing them, and she would not buy them for her children. However, after learning about 'HalloweenRegarding the scary toys that flood the toy market, Yin Qingyun, director of the Child Psychiatric Department of Guangzhou Brain Hospital, said that children with different personalities have different attitudes towards scary toys. If children who do not know the 'Halloween' background and have no psychological expectations see these things , It will produce fear emotions and affect physical and mental health. Director Yin Qingyun told reporters that children will be afraid of these white-faced 'skeleton ghosts' when they are three or four years old, and as they grow older, children who have never been exposed to these things may become more afraid. These toys. Director Yin said that as 'Halloween' is approaching, many shopping malls have begun to promote sales with these themes. Parents should inform their children in advance and provide proper protection for them when they travel.
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