Halloween-themed goods are on the shelves to attract 'ghost fans'

by:Ennas      2021-12-13

There are still three weeks before Halloween on November 1, but the festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Yesterday, the reporter visited several supermarkets and toy stores in Nanchang and saw that Halloween-themed goods have been put on the shelves one after another, attracting some 'ghost fans' to pursue them.   Skeleton masks, grimace shapes, jack-o-lanterns, funny witch hats... Although Halloween is still some time away, all kinds of Halloween-themed props and toys have appeared. Yesterday, the reporter saw in a supermarket on Qingshan South Road that all kinds of Halloween props have been placed in a prominent position in the supermarket's toy area, and have been labeled as hot. The reporter saw that in addition to Halloween-specific witch costumes, other tricky props were also placed in the supermarket's promotional exhibition area, with prices ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan, and many students came to buy them.   Later, the reporter saw in the Wanshou Palace Children’s Toy City that the tricky props for Halloween were also prominently placed in many toy stores. In addition to some conventional Halloween toys, the reporter also saw 'bloodly' 'broken hands' and 'broken feet' and other highly simulated toys at the Wanshou Palace toy wholesale market. According to the owner of the toy store, although Halloween is still some time away, the sales of Halloween props are on the rise. “Young people now pay special attention to foreign festivals. Although Halloween is a Western'ghost festival', it has elements of entertainment and weirdness. The store bought these toys exclusively. Judging from the current sales situation, most students are interested in them.'   Businesses and consumers have different opinions on the 'tricky' toys that are too realistic. Many parents of students Said that they do not advocate Halloween for their children, 'I am worried that some Halloween toys are full of blood, horror, and contain some violent cultural factors, which will harm the hearts of children.'
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