Hainan's first international perfume industry exhibition (2018)

by:Ennas      2021-10-11
As 'the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council about support hainan comprehensively deepen the reform and open policy guidance' issued, in major national strategy to promote international tourism in hainan island, into the construction of free trade area ( Port) In a new era! Hainan's first international perfume industry exhibition (2018) ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; The sea fair & throughout; ) Is the highest degree of hainan construction background first open a characteristic industrial cluster event, is China's first covers all categories in the industry of large professional exhibition, 2018 key exhibition project in hainan. Sea fragrance can be approved by the people's government of hainan province and hainan province business hall, hainan provincial forestry department, aloes association of hainan province, contains the international industry exhibition, international conference on incense industry international perfume industry investment and financing, the three main line. The sea fair held, is the fragrance industry exchange proclaimed the Chinese excellent traditional culture as the important carrier, give full play to the characteristics of incense in hainan island, forestry and industrial resources advantage and & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Location advantage, to revive the island of hainan high reputation and brand. The sea fair China incense industry business CARDS, enhance China incense cultural influence and the people's cultural engagement, feeling and sense of identity, to speed up the domestic industry with the world of industry, promote the multilateral exchanges of the world incense industry, trade and economic cooperation, build hainan trend in the development of perfume industry in the world, the new pattern. 【 Advantage window 】 Background: general secretary announced & other; In the construction of free trade (hainan Area) Hong Kong & throughout; Under the major national strategic deployment of hainan open the highest degree of development tide, become domestic enterprises to go out, international enterprises entered the bridgehead. The sea fair is hainan features under the background of new era, the first exhibition brand, provides a rare development incense industry market main body window. Industry exhibition advantage: during the fair, international aromatic aromatic therapy exhibition, the international tea, coffee, and food and beverage exhibition, exhibition aloes and spend pear qifang, three big exhibition services in national area construction, all the way to build the most widely participating countries and regions, covering the largest number of international industry exhibition, will be invited from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. & other One Belt And One Road & throughout; Along the approximately 20 countries and regions in more than 30 provinces related enterprise group exhibition, the international pavilion of about 5000 people, nearly 2000 enterprises both at home and abroad, effectively promote industrial integration. Professional procurement advantages: the sea fair by governments at all levels, at home and abroad association, the national investment promotion platform, the mainstream media at home and abroad such as multi-channel invited the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, countries such as Morocco, Sri Lanka, India, spices, purchaser, invite domestic and foreign cosmetic brand enterprises, pharmaceutical production enterprises, food and beverage processing enterprises, star hotel, health management institutions and culture media institutions including attendance, form industrial cluster, the potential energy is expected to attract 50000 visitors audiences to visit. Incense industry leading advantage: the fair will be held during the international fragrance industry conference, more than professional BBS and investment and financing forum, the famous brand of perfume industry at home and abroad will be invited to producers, distributors, experts and scholars, investors, financial and logistics enterprises and purchasers multidimensional development direction discussed pain points, and experience sharing, the scene to solve development and product launches, special promotion, strengthen learning, business and interact with the industrial chain. Cultural advantage of terminal: trading co. , LTD. , culture is infinite! The sea fair held such as movement of fragrance ancestor worship ceremony shennong cultural activities, attract consumers, tourist culture lovers, spices such as on-site purchase, one-stop read world culture! 【 To promote power 】 Sign up about 150 mainstream media and professional media at home and abroad to carry out a half a year's exhibition promotion, from traditional media to new media, the matrix, high coverage, high media exposure XuanChuanHai fair and exhibitors, build industry brands. With nearly 100 industry association at home and abroad reached a strategic cooperation alliance, point-to-point fragrance can promote the sea. 【 Exhibition range 】 A Chinese pavilion ( Perfume industry key provinces and cities and counties in hainan area) An area of 5800 ㎡ in 30 provinces and regions, as well as the various cities and counties in hainan perfume industry chain category products show, project and policy, etc. C library class comprehensive hall area of 13900 ㎡ 1, & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; International exhibition area: Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and so on more than 20 countries along the silk road, incense industry chain all category product display. 2, international aloes and spend pear area: aloes and spend pear raw materials, furniture, carved pieces, place, hand series, hang, essential oil, health care products, handicrafts, etc. ; Red sandalwood, sour branch, annatto furniture and furnishing articles, such as art, sculpture, etc. ; Asian and European archaize furniture, new classic furniture and so on. 3, international aromatic aromatic therapy area: cosmetic technology spices, medicinal perfumery, essential oils and aromatherapy, natural flavors and application, pure plant care, aromatherapy, aromatic plant and tourism, health management institutions and health care industry, there are culture, etc. 4, international tea, coffee, and food and beverage, tea products, and processing of tea products, tea derivatives, tea sets and machines, all kinds of coffee beans, instant coffee, coffee machines, coffee drinks, juice drinks and raw materials, food, spices and seasonings.
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