Ha generation made a stunning appearance at Shanghai 2020 CTE China Toy Fair, invites you to share

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
The nineteenth CET China Toy Fair in 2020 has kicked off a wonderful curtain today. In this high-standard and high-level industry event, as the national brand of domestic plush smart toys, the Guangdong Hayi Generation (Booth No.: W5D51) ) Invited to participate in the exhibition, will discuss the development trend of my country and the global toy industry with many well-known companies in the industry. (Booth No.: W5D51) China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition (abbreviated as: CTE China Toy Fair) is Asia’s largest toy industry international trade matchmaking event. It is a domestic toy, baby products and brand licensing industry The comprehensive display platform provides an excellent channel expansion and brand promotion platform for developing and innovative toy companies. It is recognized as an industry exhibition, an international professional, and has a strong industry influence. After years of development, with its most international brands, the most concentrated production areas, and the most complete categories, it has become world-renowned, and has become the first choice for overseas brands to enter the Asian market, especially China. It is reported that the exhibition has a scale of 230,000 square meters, 2,500 exhibitors, 4,500 brands, and 100,000 professional buyers at home and abroad, gathering industry leaders to showcase the strength of toys. Hadai Toys will exhibit five new upgrade sections for all exhibitors: toy customization, investment promotion, animation image, competition cooperation, and program design. In recent years, Ha Generation Toys has made great achievements in the field of animation and competitions. It has not only cooperated with large-scale popular IPs repeatedly to create animation-exclusive plush toys, such as Peppa Pig, Super Pan, etc.; it has also frequently cooperated with international sports events. To undertake the production of mascot toys for events, such as the 2018 World Cup, the 2019 National Youth Games, the 2019 World Athletics Championships, the 2019 Expo, the 2021 World University Games, the 2022 Asian Games and other mascot toys franchising and manufacturing. With the participation and hard work of Haji Toys. For a long time, Hadai insists on mastering the most core key technology of plush smart toys, and insists on being at the forefront of industry technology. It has built an experienced elite Ru0026D and production team, advanced and mature professional production line, and provided customers with toy program design, One-stop service such as production and after-sales service. With its advanced technology, excellent quality, scientific management and perfect service, it has become a pioneer and leader in the field of plush toys. The wave of intelligent manufacturing is coming, and the field of plush toys ushered in new development opportunities. Under the good development momentum, it is foreseeable that the industry has a lot to do in the future. The 2020 CTE China Toy Fair is about to open, and Hadai Toys will definitely live up to expectations and expectations. We are looking forward to your visit at that time!
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