Guizhou mizar found delicate 'live' stone tomb _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Core tip: recently, workers in guizhou kaiyang county cultural relics survey, spend pear found near the township government in the county a delicate 'live' in the qing dynasty tomb stone. Tombstone carved into a 'live' design, not long ago, the workers to carry out the survey of cultural relics, guizhou kaiyang spend pear found near the township government in the county a delicate 'live' in the qing dynasty tomb stone. Tombstone carved into a 'live' design, especially the direct hollow out carve regular script 'f' word of ancient tombs, was the first time found in guiyang region, in guizhou province is also very rare. The tomb of soil sealing Shi Wei dome shape, high 1. 8 meters, bottom diameter 3. 5 meters. Bluestone prop-pulling layer between three arched type tombstone, monuments, rested on the top of the mountain of cap, Lao 2. 5 meters, width of 2. 1 m, plus exquisite stone carvings of cover. / tablet in the middle of regular script shade is engraved 'so take an examination of the taboo Wu Gong jin word mirror siu-tong eldest brother man's tomb', made a time for 'qing guangxu 25 years have hai GuDan August ChuXun. Monuments, four pillars are regular script shade is engraved 'tablet, / etc:' fantastic plum blossom incense, the tomb of the bright moon at night ', two between lian yue: 'propylite folding push officer expensive, green water in xian sun production'. /, about twice a layer between the bottom is hollow-out censer, among them, / censers each side engraved in the qing dynasty officials were holding a half moon artifacts like incense burner top engraved 'neutrals' design, top engraved hollow out regular script 'f' word, word ACTS the role of the two middle plum flower; / 2 engraved 'shou formatted as' four characters, monuments, cap is carved a big word 'longevity' pattern. Incense burner between both sides, every time all carved lotus, of which, the left time in censer carved plum flower and split between circular 'shou' word patterns, hollow out such as eyes, two small hole on the top of the right time between six dragon hovering on the incense burner and circular 'shou' word patterns, shape hole at the top of the hollow out two eyes, the right time is carved on the second floor between 'Yin' to the word. Cover the whole tombstone monument carved, regardless of the plants and animals, although after hundred years are still vivid. Right time between the tablet is also engraved with masons name, are locals. Level of visible when mizar folk stonework. Spend pear Wu Mingjin delicate 'live' the findings of the tomb stone as the study of guizhou province in the qing dynasty mizar, and even in guiyang folk funeral custom and folk stone carving art provides another extremely important physical basis.
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