Guinness jade boutique gathered in 'handed down from ancient times jewellery' _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-23
Thousands of treasures, jewelry, jade stone in the drum tower taobao together porch, rare famous jade carving master works were also unveiled in this, from December 20 to 24 January 2009, jade carving master Jiang Shuanlan, Jiang Hongli, LiuDongSheng djinn hand-picked high-quality goods will show in this exhibition. 'The ring' jade carving master Jiang Shuanlan this works depicting the cabbage guo guo, called 'the ring', made from a three color jade material. This work two years ago for expert appraisal for 3. 5 million yuan, according to organizers, now is not less than 5 million yuan. The life of WengShouPo works is a pair of old man woman, the old man a hand wine bottle gourd, another hand holding a cup, slightly drunk, woman hand-cranked lanterns the way forward, two naughty cute lad. The whole works using the round production technique, mutual echo, make work out serenely, meaning auspicious, one hundred, tie the fun, is extremely rich life interest. 'Hand jiangshan' works of raw material for a whole yellow, feel is material excellent hetian jade, though, the author makes full use of the top in the middle of the red one, as the sun, though yifan vividly on the river, the moral smooth, filar silk as though the wide river, hold hand play, mountain strong meaning. Ocean's long ocean's long eyebrow eyebrow meaning longevity, ocean's works using partial opened the way to outline the images of enron, stable and peaceful meditation. The whole Zhang Qiuli skin full of primitive simplicity, a withered lotus leaf, mist, a big fish ahead, symbolize longevity. Diamonds, emeralds, gold ornaments and collector attention category, the displayed on the famous jewellery are of a high-quality goods. Dazzling diamonds, jewelry, gold, platinum jewelry, coral, pearl jewelry and gold, and other accessories are from famous designers. Have, according to data from now until 2015, China will become the world's biggest luxury goods market, about 23% of the global total. Tianjin first collection most jewellery choose this opportunity of thousands of pieces of fine jewelry and jade article will show in front of collector of guinness, jade collection of a boom. Gold collection popular near the end, all kinds of gold collections are listed in the New Year. This year because of the art market fluctuate dramatically affected by the economic environment, as a result, many players choose to hold in safe-haven gold collection, bringing many gold collection appear the situation of the popular. Recently, the reporter in the chao GuoDing tianjin binjiang shopping center store to see, choose investment jinniu jade gold collection of many customers. According to introducing, most collectors are old customers. Mainly because of last year to buy gold rat jade has risen a lot now. And the Taurus jade will good unity, appreciation of the space in the future. In the face of various gold collection on the market sell like hot cakes, bing-nan zhang, vice chairman of the China gold association, said the people to participate in gold investment products including physical gold and paper gold, physical gold, such as gold, gold, and gold bars, working families can be appropriately buying physical gold, but the proportion is unfavorable and exorbitant.
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