Guangzhou jewelry and crafts art annatto expo 2018

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
Sponsored by guangzhou arts and crafts industry association and other units of the guangzhou jewelry and crafts art annatto expo, will be held in Canton fair pavilion in 5 ~ 8. In annatto galleries from fujian top fairy annatto, wide of match well of Chinese and western art form various furniture, Mosaic art is unique, a must. Purple sand pottery and porcelain exhibition brings together the 38 domestic leading arts and crafts master of more than 5900 pieces of originality, only won a golden medal in the national arts and crafts selection works as many as 782. Exhibits include: a, arts and crafts sculpture sculpture, resin, metal, ceramics, craft, wooden, crystal handicrafts, rattan products, artificial flowers, bamboo umbrella fan Juan, jade, platinum gold ornaments, natural agate, jewelry, etc. Second, art CiYi: ancient porcelain and craft porcelain, high imitation porcelain, art ceramics, are recommended, such as works of art; DiaoYi: jade carving, wood carving, root carving, stone carving, bronze sculptures, the sculpture art; Stone: shoushan stone, indoor ornamental stones, garden stone, mineral crystal specimens; Arts and crafts, calligraphy, Chinese paintings, prints, oil painting, watercolor painting, embroidery and folk art, etc. Three, antiques, antiques, calligraphy and painting collection, four treasures, purple sand, glass, ceramics, jade, stone, thangka, Buddha, COINS, negotiable instruments, the auction, fell, ancient silver, watches and clocks, bronze, bamboo. chinese, Olympic ( Asian games) The collection. Four, annatto boutique chrysanthemum pear, rosewood, acid branches such as mahogany art; Classical annatto furniture, antique furniture, antique furniture, etc. As the largest exhibition of arts and crafts area, full of beautiful things in eyes various works, inkstone, bamboo weaving, the big four embroidery, painting and calligraphy and so on more than 30 species, more than 90000 pieces. Organizer will from the scene from all over the country to participate in the appraisal of the arts and crafts selected works of arts and crafts innovative design & other; Throughout China such awards &; Winning entries.
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